Below-Zero Temperatures in Northern Greece

    snow-northern-greeceCentral and West Macedonia in northern Greece have been hit by below-freezing temperatures, while it has been snowing since Friday night throughout the prefecture of Florina. It is also currently snowing in the northern cities of Edessa, Kastoria and Kozani.

    Temperatures dropped to minus 5 Celsius (-5C) in Florina, -4C in Grevena, -3C in Kastoria and Kozani, -2C in Kilkis and -1C in Thessaloniki, with ice creating problems in sections of the Florina-Kastoria national highway and local roads, where cars are required to have snow chains in order to move.

    Egnatia Road circulation is proceeding as normal. It was sunny in Thessaloniki but strong winds earlier in the day lowered the temperature to sub-zero levels.

    (Source: ANA-MPA)


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