British Woman Living in Greece Says Greeks Are Lucky

british-womanMal Fidler is a 65-year-old woman who was born in the UK but decided to move to Greece. In her recent interview with a Greek website, she talked about her experiences and the beauties of Messenia where she now resides, the glentia and the crazy Greek drivers.

The 65-year-old pensioner has been living in a village near Kalamata with her husband, Andrew, for the last few years.

The couple had visited Greece many times in the past for vacation and eventually decided to move. “I think it’s sad that Greeks don’t know how beautiful their country is and how lucky they are.”

She talked about the time she needed to adapt to life in Messenia, about her neighbor whom she loves and the goats that she named and were later sacrificed in order to make the Greek Easter meal.

Furthermore, she stated that both herself and her husband had been working as oil producers, however, they have started feeling the effects of the crisis, while she added that the Greek politicians’ naivety scares her.

She exclaimed that she still cannot understand how anyone in the country is able to function and finish what they started.


  1. Nice weather, beautiful food and women but peevish civil servants and too many outbursts of brutality…

  2. “Furthermore, she stated that both herself and her husband had been working as oil producers.”

    Really? Herself?


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