Greece: A Nation of Multimillionaires?

eurosGreece may be a “lonely nation” as the former President of the Hellenic Republic, Christos Satzetakis had stated, but at least it is a nation of multimillionaires. Not everyone is as lucky, but at least 850 Greeks have made it this far.

Greek banks sent 65 CDs to financial prosecutors, which contain data regarding deposits that exceeded 100 million euros.

During the first IT staff inspection, it was discovered that there are many millionaires in Greece, while many of them gained their fortune amidst the Greek financial crisis. Further investigations revealed that a total of 850 people have more than 100 million in their accounts.

According to the prosecutors one of the most notable cases involved a woman who had not worked since 2001. However, she had declared a 700,000 euro income. On Wednesday, the prosecutors found 17.5 million euros in her bank account. Meanwhile, a private sector employee who had declared a 600,000 euro income, was found with 15 million euros in his bank account.

Finally, another private employee who had 150,000 euro income was found with 77 million euros in his bank account and is now called to explain how he procured the amount.


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