Greece in ‘Pessimist’s Guide of 2015’

    pessimist mapBloomberg has asked a number of political analysts, economists, investors and military experts to submit their views on which country is in danger of an upheaval in 2015. The “Pessimist’s guide of 2015” includes various countries that faced difficulties in the previous years.

    Greece is in the list of red-alert countries, with the worst case scenario being the fall of the current government, while SYRIZA’s rise to power is expected to weaken the country’s position in the Eurozone, since its leader, Alexis Tsipras, is against the euro.

    Furthermore, the article noted that an increasing number of countries are facing extremism and that if European politicians fail to come up with a solution, the epidemic will spread across the bond market and the Eurozone crisis will rekindle as a result.

    Other catastrophic scenarios across the world include the Ukrainian crisis, the fall in oil prices, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Islamic State, the tension in Chinese-Japanese relations in the South Sea and a potential war in South and North Korea. Furthermore, Bloomberg predicts that the violent situation of Syria will move to Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, since it has not been possible to deal with the Assad regime and the Islamic State.

    Bloomberg analysts noted the possibility of Putin causing trouble in the Baltics and the promotion of Russian and pro-Russian positions from Eastern to Western Ukraine in order to create a communication route between the mainland and the Crimean peninsula.


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