Alexis Tsipras: SYRIZA’s Victory Will Signal a ‘Start in Greece ‘s Restoration’

The victory of main opposition SYRIZA in the Greek national elections will be “the start of a great national effort to save society and restore Greece ,” party leader Alexis Tsipras said in an opinion article published in Sunday’s “Avgi” newspaper, ahead of Monday’s third and last parliamentary attempt to vote on a Greek President before national elections are called.

“SYRIZA’s victory will be the start of a great national effort to save society and restore Greece – a national effort with international repercussions, since our historical responsibility is to pave the way for an alternative policy in Europe, turning a Eurozone country from a neoliberal experiment to a model of social protection and growth,” Tsipras said.

The party will prove that “when people wish it, when they believe in their power, they can.”

Tsipras said that the party drew its strength from the support provided by a great social and political majority struggling for self-respect and justice, and said that the first step would be to apply the program he had detailed in Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF) and resolve the humanitarian crisis in Greece. “This is non-negotiable,” he stressed, “and does not create the need for new loans, nor will it come under discussion.”

On that basis, the main opposition leader said, “SYRIZA will pursue the rallying around it of as many powers from the people as possible, in order to acquire the majority in Parliament and proceed to implementing its program.” In any case, he added, “within this framework we will seek the widest possible agreements,” and noted that the party is “fully aware that we are coming to unite, not separate – to build on the ruins of a looted society. That is why SYRIZA’s government will not be a single-party government, it will be the government of the people.”
(source: ana-mpa)


  1. We do not have any choices. There is no other political party that can govern Greece to safety. Unfortunately Tsipra is the only option for some parasites to keep on looting the remains of what’s left of our wealth. Tsipras victory is all about lies and fake promises. No one from the present system can bring prosperity to this country. We should elect new honest people to become politicians their interest is the country and the future of its citizens. All present 300 are corrupt and must be slaughtered to save this beautiful country from another disaster waiting to happen. God help us.

  2. Oh dear, Greeks have not learnt the lesson all other countries understand, there is no such thing as the state owes you a living, nothing is free. Greece must maintain the current austerity measures, short term pain to get Greece out of its mess. Elect SYRIZA and Greece goes bankrupt. Then watch hyperinflation, spiralling unemployment, pensions crushed and don’t expect EU to rescue Greece. In the 21st Century, Greece will become the poorest country in EU. Do what you want but expect the ramifications.

  3. I love how Tsipras is telling everyone how different he is, but the first “Plan” he comes out with is to buy the votes of the poor with a raise of the basic salary and give the Christmas bonus to the pensioners. Oh yeah, and he also wants to reinstate all of the government workers that we let go.

    Buying votes is in the DNA of Greek politics and the same reason we have a bloated public service and huge debt in the first place!

    The people who vote for SYRIZA are not going to be happy when they realize that after Greece is out of the euro, their higher salary and Christmas bonus will be work about 40% of what they are making today after the Drachma is devalued so we can pay off our debt!!

    For the people who don’t understand, let me show you how this will work.

    You are making €480 today. Mr. Tsipras comes to power and says “Minimum salary is now €800”. You are happy, until Greece is thrown out of the EU since there will be a huge deficit.

    Now Greece goes back to the Drachma. Day 1 for 1 Euro lets say you get 300 drachma. Your €800 salary is worth 240,000 Drachma. So your salary will now be 240,000 Drachma per month.

    Now to be competitive they will be forced to devalue the Drachma quickly, most economist believe a minimum of 50% within months. So your salary will stay at 240,000 Drachma, but since it is now 600 Drachma to the Euro, if you want to buy Euro with your 240,000 Drachma you will get €400.

    The result will be that any product imported into will double in price from what it is today. Every food, clothes, cars, electronics… everything not made in Greece will double in price.

    Over time they will continue to devalue and it will cost 3 and 4 times for imported items.

    Have fun with SYRIZA if you want to be able to afford anything made outside of Greece!