Greek President Papoulias to PM Samaras: The Big Moment has Arrived [Video]


The Greek Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras, received the outgoing President of the Hellenic Republic, Karolos Papoulias, at his office earlier today in order to agree on the current Parliament’s dissolution, ahead of the upcoming snap general elections, that according to the Greek Constitution must follow the Parliament’s failure to elect a new Greek President.

“The big moment has arrived.” This was the phrase Mr. Papoulias welcomed Mr. Samaras with, adding that he hopes “everything will go well.” On his behalf the Greek Premier, underlined once again that the Greek people did not want elections. “They are unnecessary. They are the result of partisan self-interest,” “when it comes to the security and stability of the nation, the battle is about truth and responsibility. In this battle, it is not the political parties that come first, but the nation, particularly as Greece’s remainder in Europe is at stake.”

It should be noted that the Greek Premier officially requested from the President, the dissolution of the Parliament as soon as possible and the elections to be held on Sunday, January 25. Within the day, Mr. Papoulias is expected to issue a presidential decree ordering the Parliament’s dissolution and approving the given date as the date the next general elections will be held. In addition, within the first days of the new cabinet a new Presidential election should be held for the successor of Mr. Papoulias.

Mr. Samaras is expected to meet with New Democracy’s executive committee very shortly


  1. Greece is in ruins today by a Dictatorship of Samaras’ New Democracy and the
    hated PASOK party, where they arrest anyone they want to without trials… and
    these 2 Dictators are same 2 corrupt Parties who brought Greece to ruin after
    40 years passing power back and forth. These same 2 Parties have yet to arrest
    any of their own members who have borrowed over $350 million from Banker
    cronies and or the Deputy PM Venizelos who had hidden the “Legarde
    List” of 2,500 Greek elites hiding their wealth in Swiss Banks in his home
    for 2 years — Nor has the Greek Gov’t arrested anyone for stolen money they
    took from the EU funds and or have not paid their taxes— yet these same 2
    corrupt Parties are jailing anyone they can to keep hold of power… This is
    why Greeks are not voting — because the elections are also rigged by these
    same 2 Criminal Parties of PASOK and New Democracy… Greece is FINISHED with them, the
    people will not vote ND or PASOK in again!