PASOK: Papandreou’s Decision to Launch Own Party an ‘Immoral Action’

pasok1PASOK wrathfully responded to news that its former leader George Papandreou, son of the party’s founder Andreas Papandreou, was moving ahead with plans to launch his own party.

In her first announcement as PASOK spokeswoman in the run-up to Greece’s general elections, MEP Eva Kaili blasted the Former Greek Premier’s decision as an “immoral and insane political act” as well as a “cold-blooded attempt to fragment PASOK” in order to set up his “own personal and privately-owned party.”

“We hoped that he would finally listen to the voice of the party and national responsibility as well as the appeals for unity. We were proved wrong. His decision was taken a long time ago and did not even need a pretext,” she said.

She went on to accuse Papandreou of behaving like the “heir that wants to destroy PASOK, the party founded by his father. The party that honoured him by electing him as its President and making him Prime Minister,” and expressed certainty that he would not succeed.

Citing the party’s founder, Andreas Papandreou, Kaili noted that PASOK was “neither inherited, nor divided,” and accused the Former Premier of acting solely on the basis of personal goals, without any real political motive behind his decision.

“What is the reason that leads a Former President of PASOK and Former Prime Minister, the man who took the crucial decisions for Greece’s entry in the initial bailout Memorandum of 2010, to attempt to break up his party? Is his position now adopted from a ‘memorandum’ or ‘anti-memorandum’ standpoint?” she added, stressing that the motives were “purely personal,” without any political or historic basis.

“All those that honor and respect the name Papandreou know how to distinguish between Andreas Papandreou and George Papandreou,” she said, adding that PASOK was now dealing with the major issues that concerned the citizens as a guarantor of national stability, especially at a time when the country was being forcibly led to elections and there were questions about how it would stay on its feet.

(source: ana-mpa)


  1. If it is an immoral and insane political act why doesn’t Samaras make a phone call to the courts. He could jail Papandreou and all will be well and right again?

  2. The entire Pasok together with Papandreou should be in jail for their crimes against the country which they took Oath to protect the country and the welfare of its citizens. Hanging in Constitution square is the least that can be done to these criminals.