New Opinion Poll Shows Greek Citizens Want SYRIZA, Samaras and Euro


A steady lead of 3.1% ahead of ruling New Democracy holds the Greek main opposition party, SYRIZA, according to a latest poll on behalf of Greek newspaper “Eleftheros Typos.”

As shown by the survey, conducted immediately after the third unsuccessful ballot for the election of the new President of the Hellenic Republic, when snap general elections were announced, six parties will enter the parliament, with the Independent Greeks (ANEL) being located away from the target of 3% that grands parliamentary representation, while the Greek Communist Party (KKE) and newly-launched “To Potami” are both claiming the third position behind SYRIZA and New Democracy.

On vote intention, SYRIZA gathers 30.4%, New Democracy 27.3%, KKE 4.8%, “To Potami” 4.7%, Golden Dawn 3.5% and PASOK 3.5%.

Regarding the suitability for Prime Minister – between the two political leaders – Greece’s current Prime Minister and President of New Democracy, Antonis Samaras, enjoys a 7.6% lead against main opposition leader Alexis Tsipras. Samaras gathers 41% and Tsipras 33.4%.

At the same time, the possible premiership of Tsipras is anticipated with fear by 41% of those questioned, compared to 38.1% who see it as promising.

It should be noted that the poll was undertaken before the announcement of Former Prime Minister Georges Papandreou’s new party (Democratic Socialists’ Movement) yesterday, although only 6.1% of those questioned said they would trust their vote to a possible new party launched by him.

Furthermore, 74.2% of Greeks answered “yes” or “probably yes” on whether Greece should stay in the Eurozone “at all costs.” This figure has increased significantly compared to the previous survey (May 2013) when it was moving at around 63.5%.

The survey took place from 29-30 December, 2014, on a sample of 1,002 people from across Greece.


  1. These opinions have been repeated so often the past two years your readers have a reflex nausea reaction. Why not poll the public and ask them if they want summer weather all year long and lower gas prices? These are superfluous topics as you will not have a SYRIZA government with Samaras at the helm. Get over it.

  2. We want someone who can help us the poor Greeks and to help themselves the rich and the parasites of Pasok and NEA dimocratia. We want someone to bring prosperity to this country and not the IMF. We want someone honest to attract investors so we can all work and pay our taxes. We need someone to establish a new justice system for all and that include politicians and their parasites from the public service sector and the private sector. Taxevaders must be prosecuted regardless of their status including politicians for their crimes against the country and its citizens. Immunity from prosecution must be abolished all together and all should answer to the law of the land. No one is above the law, no one.

  3. tsipras is all talk about trimming the debt – he cannot renegotiate it according to the germans so what he is saying now are just outright lies to get votes

  4. With Tsipras GREECE does exit the euro, it will only become a European version of Argentina – once a wealthy developed country but destined forever to be low middle income because of deeply flawed institutions on a similar profile to those of Greece (broken courts, corrupt political class & rent seeking, failed monetary system, prohibitively expensive financial services which prevent capital intensive businesses from succeeding).

    Actually, having a European version of Argentina (on the small scale of Greece) might be good for the rest of the EU & euro area – an example of the horror story which arises when we fail to build working institutions with rigorous auditing, an example of corruption and an example of failure to invest equitably in the future of the people. If Greece collapses further, that places all the more pressure on Italy, Portugal and Bulgaria to follow a more Irish/ Estonian/ German/ Dutch route with emphasis on education, efficient government, sound finance & institutional improvements.

    Of course, Greece actually launching a new currency is extremely unlikely. The far more likely outcome is that with a Greek debt repudiation, the ECB is forced to cut liquidity for Greek banks. Loss of liquidity plus loss of assets (Greek bonds – even those surviving repudiation would be worthless on secondary markets) would shut down the existing Greek banking system (Cyprus style). Greeks would lose their bank savings – except for the elites (who use Swiss banks anyway). Greece would revert to being a cash-in-hand economy (still euros), and government tax revenue would collapse (more businesses would go gray). There would be a whole lot more austerity (with less revenue and without borrowing, the Greek government would be slashing nominal wages & pensions in half). Greece would end up looking more like Montenegro (a country using the euro as its currency, but without ECB liquidity). Greek politicians aren’t actually capable of launching a new currency and persuading Greeks to use it (quite sensibly, Greek people don’t trust their politicians anymore than we do).


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