Mikis Theodorakis: I Will Support SYRIZA Under One Condition


His support to Greek main opposition SYRIZA, under the condition that when elected “it will bring a law on the final discharge of the country from the onerous terms of the Memorandum,” expressed the internationally acclaimed composer Mikis Theodorakis.

As the composer underlined in his statement, SYRIZA’s obligation is to immediately set the country free from the Memorandum by passing a law to the Greek Parliament, straight after the January 25 elections. Theodorakis stated: “I remain anti-Memorandum. Which means that I do not accept any connection that the elections are designed for the nomination of the best administrator of the Memorandum terms. Thus, when people ask me regarding my position on the coming elections, particularly in relation to SYRIZA, I declare that I accept to support it under a single condition: It’s pre-election commitment, here and now, that if and as long as it forms a government, the first thing it will do would be to bring a law on the final and complete discharge of the country from all the oppressive terms of the Memorandum.”

Furthermore, and explaining his public position ahead of the critical January 25 general elections, the award-winning composer explained that “this is because I find it unthinkable to accept that a Leftist party can govern under conditions of surrendering national independence and autonomy to strangers.”

It should be noted that in early December 2010, Theodorakis founded “Spitha: People’s Independent Movement,” a non-political movement that called Greek people to gather and express their political ideas. Spitha’s main goal was to help Greece stay clear of its economic crisis, while he repeatedly heavily criticized the country’s governments for their choices in dealing with it and called people to revolt.