Greek National Council for Education Agrees on Deciding Method for Higher Education Admissions

universitiesThe number of students admitted to Greece’s universities and Technical Educational Institutes (TEI) will be set by a joint decision of the Education Ministry, higher education institutes and the Authority for Ensuring Quality in Higher Education, the National Council for Education decided on Monday.

The decision was made at a meeting also attended by representatives of the country’s universities and TEI.

“We are all here at the Education and Religion Ministry, very satisifed because an issue that we raised in November, agreeing to meet now in January, is ending very well,” Greek Education Minister Andreas Loverdos commented after the meeting.

The Ministry had originally proposed that the higher education institutes have full control over the number of students admitted but rectors disagreed, proposing the above solution that the Minister agreed to. He said the number of student transfers based on social criteria should also be decided in the same way.

(source: ana-mpa)