Greek Journalists Not Guilty for Releasing Golden Dawn MP’s Personal Video [Update]


A Greek court ruled that newspaper director Nikolas Voulelis and journalist Dimitris Psaras are not guilty of breaching and abusing Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris’ personal data.

Earlier, a Greek prosecutor recommended that the two journalists from newspaper “I Efimerida ton Syntakton,” who released a video incriminating Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris, should be found guilty. Kasidiaris had filed a lawsuit against the two journalists.

According to the prosecutor, newspaper director Nikolas Voulelis and journalist Dimitris Psaras must be declared guilty of breaching and abusing Kasidiaris’ personal data.

The case concerns an article and a video published last December, where Kasidiaris is pretending to be a warden, overseeing the prisoner being beaten by two people pretending to be police officers. The prosecutor argued that even though freedom of speech is respected and guaranteed, “a journalist must not offend the honor and reputation” of another person.

Furthermore, the prosecutor found several phrases and sentences in the publication that, in his opinion, cross the line of journalistic ethics. Meanwhile, the fact that the newspaper published one of Kasidiaris’ personal videos, which does not depict any type of political activity, constitutes a personal data breach.


  1. Meanwhile, Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris is being prosecuted after being accused of being the person responsible for filming and releasing a secretly recorded video where Greek PM Antonis Samaras’s former Chief of Staff Takis Baltakos is shown admitting that Antonis Samaras ordered the wholesale arrests of Golden Dawn MP’s in the hope that this would cause Greek voters to abandon Golden Dawn, and cause a collapse of the party. According to Takis Baltakos, Antonis Samaras was worried that the flow of New Democracy supporters to Golden Dawn was causing him to lose his lead over SYRIZA and resolved to arrest Golden Dawns MP’s as a means of reversing this flow. Greek law allows a person to use non-violent means in order to prove their innocence, but the corrupt judiciary views releasing the Baltakis video to be a potential crime. On the other hand the judiciary “surprise surprise” has not summoned Antonis Samaras to be questioned about these serious allegations where his own chief of staff implicates him of having ordered the arrest of innocent people purely to destroy an opposing political party.