Greek PM: SYRIZA Wants to Turn Us Into a European Edition of Venezuela

Samaras_TVIn an interview with Greek TV, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said on Saturday it would be strange if the Greek people elected main opposition SYRIZA as Greece’s new government on January 25, as it is a party that is constantly trying to bring Greece into conflict with its partners.

Samaras noted that SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras has ruled out any possibility of cooperation with pro-European forces such as PASOK and “To Potami” and that he has only addressed a proposal for cooperation to the anti-EU Greek Communist Party (KKE) and ANTARSYA.

“I refuse to believe that the Greek citizens will ever allow SYRIZA, with its weird, Third World obsessions, to come to power and use Greeks as its guinea pigs,” the Prime Minister said.

Stating that major forces in a coalition government must be European, Samaras underlined that this is the main reason why Greeks should again place their trust in New Democracy in the upcoming elections.

In regards to his refusal to participate in a televised debate with Tsipras, Samaras stressed that he will never engage in dialogue with defamers.

“Mr. Tsipras doesn’t know how much money the country owes, nor how many countries are in the Eurozone. Moreover, he has no idea what bonds are and how they work,” he added.

He described the main opposition party as a modern “Tower of Babel,” noting that every SYRIZA member seems to have a different idea regarding the party’s program.

“Yesterday, someone from SYRIZA said the country should print 100 billion euros. Why not print 500 billion? The debt problem would then magically be solved and we could even lend cash to other countries,” Samaras said sarcastically.

“They want to turn the country into a European edition of Venezuela,” warned Samaras, adding that SYRIZA is willing to put the country’s future at risk.


  1. Us Greeks will deserve who ever we vote for. Vote ND we know the future will be austerity but the country will be moving in the right direction to mend the economy. Vote SYRZA we will have an uncertain future with a pseudo communist government. The economy will be in a shambles, no one will lend Greece money again and society will be in melt down. SYRZA has never attempted to explain how they will fix the economy, they promised more free handouts but not a word where the money is going to come from to pay SYRZA promises. Pericles, Plato and Socrates are turning in their graves because a SYRZA victory will be an unmitigated disaster. Greeks choose your poison.


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