Greek PM Samaras: Communism Will Not Win Out Here

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras on Tuesday stepped up his attack on rival leftist SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras, telling an audience of supporters that “we are not going to turn into a soviet here, communism is not going to win.”

Speaking five days before snap general elections are held, and with his center-right New Democracy party trailing in opinion polls, Samaras warned that SYRIZA would spook foreign investors.

“They (SYRIZA) will let 14 airports (privatized over the past two years) die out; they don’t like Cosco. On the other hand, Mr. Tsipras wants to bring the intelligence service (EYP), the financial crime unit (SDOE) and the civil servants hiring directorate (ASEP) directly under the Prime Minister’s office; these things aren’t done even in communist countries,” the Greek Premier said, referring, among others, to Cosco — the Chinese multinational that holds the concession for the port of Piraeus container terminal. The latter is amongst the most successful privatizations in the country.

Samaras’ comments come after a high-octane statement by Health Minister Makis Voridis, who alluded to none other than the Greek Civil War (1946-1949) in order to make a point about the Left and its historic (negative) impact in Greece.

“Our generation will not surrender the country to the Left. What our grandfathers defended, bravely, with their rifles, we will defend with our vote this Sunday.”


  1. A little too much vodka in the orange juice Antonis? The paranoid leader believes “Communists” are closing in on him from all sides and this Sunday will be known as Samaras’ Last Stand.

  2. How dare you accuse me of those accusations. I do not mind working with leftist or rightist as long as they respect democracy.

  3. You will not give me assignments. If anyone is ignorant it is you. True socialism has never existed. Socialism by definition is social ownership of the means of production and co-operative management of the economy, as well as a political theory and movement that aims at the establishment of such a system. I highly opposed the systems of the Soviet Union and do not consider it to be socialist. The Soviet Union was a bureaucratic capitalist state. However, that does not justify the establishment of a right-wing dictatorship (Metaxas 1936) which I believe is what you want. What Greece needs is a true democracy like the ancient times not political factionalism.

    “Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil.”
    ― Jerry Garcia

  4. You want a history lesson? I will give you a history lesson. In 1910’s during the Balkan Wars Greece gets kicked by the Turkish nationalist movement (Ataturk). That is in thanks to the Greek monarchy which should have been overthrown in the 1910’s. Finally, Venizelos abolished the monarchy and declared Greece a republic in 1925. Things were steady for a while until Georgios Kondylis staged a coup and reinstalled the monarchy. In 1936, Metaxas comes to power and installed a fascistic dictatorship. He starts imprisoning people and suspends democracy. His regime tortured and even killed thousands of innocent Greeks. In 1940, Metaxas says no to Italy even though he was a fascist. In 1941, Nazi Germany invades Greece and the Nazis installed a puppet government. Every one else went into hiding except the partizans like EDES, EAM-ELAS, and EKKA who defended their country bravely. However in 1944, Greece gets liberated with the help of the British. Later on then there was conflict with the British who wanted to impose the monarchy, which the communist (EAM-ELAS) did not want. The Greek monarchy wasn’t even Greek but they were Danish (House of Glücksburg). In December 1944, the leftist partizans had called for a protest in which the British soldiers open fired on the protesters without a legitimate cause. In 1945, the communist agreed to surrender their arms under the Varkiza Agreement. After that the “Organization X” led by Greek terrorist George Grivas started a period known as the White Terror which killed more than 2,000 Greeks most of them partizans. In 1946, elections were held which the communist boycotted even though they should have participated. After that in 1946 marked the start of the Greek Civil War. Crimes were committed on both sides (Communist & Government). However, the new government started opening up concentration-type camps like Makronisos which even many foreign media outlets called the “isle of shame”. After the Civil War ended in 1949, the new government continued to imprison people even if they were not a communist. They continued to impose dictatorial laws to restrict freedom of speech. In 1967, the Greek Colonels came to power. They start torturing and arresting people. In 1973, Papadopoulos, removes the Greek monarchy and declares himself President. In 1974, Greece is a democratic country after the junta’s failed attempt to remove Makarios as President of Cyprus. If you look at the history it can be clearly shown that the radical right has had a lot of negative impact on Greece. People like you should be ashamed of yourselves and history will ultimately determine that people like you are wrong.