Cypriot Parliament President: We Need to Begin a Campaign to Annul Turkish Plans


The President of the Cypriot House of Representatives, Yiannakis Omirou, has denounced statements of Turkish President Recep Tayip Erdogan earlier today on the Cyprus problem and the hydrocarbons reserves in the island’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). At the same time, Omirou called all political forces in Cyprus to proceed with a more intense campaign on a European and international level.

“Mr. Erdogan’s comments confirm Turkey’s policy and strategy to seize the Cypriot natural resources and abolish the Republic of Cyprus,” the President of the House of Representatives underlined in a written statement issued today. According to Omirou, Turkish and Turkish-Cypriot officials’ statements of the past few days prove that they have put a “plan B” in effect, which has been priory approved by Turkey’s National Council, aiming to upgrade the status of the illegal entity in Cyprus’ northern Turkish-occupied areas and at the same time downgrade the Republic of Cyprus to a so-called “Greek-Cypriot administration.”

Furthermore, the Cypriot statesman expressed his worry on the latest developments, while addressing the island’s political forces, he said that “we all need to be aware and begin a campaign on a European and international level in order to annul the Turkish plans.”

Cyprus, which is a part of the European Union since 2004, has been violently divided since 1974, after a brutal Turkish invasion and the following occupation of its northern lands or 37% of its territory. On its part, Turkey has repeatedly denied to recognize the Republic of Cyprus, despite numerous calls by international institutions and the European Union, which Ankara aims to join. At the same time, all United Nations-backed negotiations in order to reunite the island under a federal government have failed. In October 2014, the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nicos Anastasiades, suspended his participation in the peace talks following a NAVTEX (Navigational Telex) issued by Turkey for the conduction of hydrocarbons research in Cyprus’ EEZ by seismic vessel”Barbaros,” escorted by a number of Turkish Navy ships.


  1. I take it you are religious otherwise you wouldnt be mentioning God, therefore you should know God hates no man and no religion. You should really go back to school and learn

  2. Before the war, Greek and Turkish Cypriots got along just fine. Why must you spread such nationalistic, aggressive rhetoric? The Republic of Cyprus doesn’t want confrontation, just respect of borders.

  3. Until the ROC learns to respect Turkish Cypriot rights and acknowledges the other isolated cypriot community which has rights to the island as much as Greek Cypriots then your so-called Republic Of Cyprus borders will always have turbulence with Turkey. As a Greek Cypriot you live amongst international communities and isolate innocent Turkish Cypriots with your cheap lies that come out on Greek Nicosia and then question me why I’m spreading such nationalistic, aggressive rhetoric! ARE YOU INSANE or are you just too comfortable living in a hijacked republic Eu member and so on!!!!!

    Before the war, Greek and Turkish Cypriots got along just fine. Who are you kidding? Yourself?

    Your Greek Cypriot deposed leader Archbishop Makarios arrived in New York and pleaded at the UN on 19 July 1974 for the other two Guarantor Powers Turkey and Britain to rescue Cyprus and its people from Greek terrorist EOKA, as required by The 1960 Treaty of Guarantee. Britain refused to act, but Turkey intervened on 20 July 1974.

    Please don’t misunderstand I don’t dislike Greeks but I think Greek politics stinks.
    TWO STATE CYPRUS for everyone’s sake.

  4. PEACE JOHN’ Right on yyyeeeeeee hhaaaaa off to TEXAS tomorrow to whip some arse. Yeeeehhaaaa. I’m most likely the only Turkish Cypriot in Texas and believe me I’ve got some North Cyprus promotion todo. By for now Yeeeehaaaa.


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