Greek Peach Farmers Request Meeting With PM Samaras


Greek peach farmers, who during the summer of 2014 suffered significant loses due to the Russian embargo imposed on European Union products, demanded a meeting with Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, while they have already warned that if the 33-million-euro EU subsidies are not given to them within a certain period, they will escalate their actions.

Earlier today, the peach farmers have closed off the Kouloura junction in Egnatia Odos highway in northern Greece, displaying their disappointment over the unreceived EU subsidies. Farmers from Pella, Imathia, Florina and Larissa demonstrated and then departed at noon, underlining, though, that their actions have not yet been complete. According to Veria Farming Association President Tasos Halkidis, the farmers demand to receive the EU subsidies by Friday, January 23, two days ahead of the critical Greek general elections. In any different case, as Halkidis warned, they will escalate their actions, even within election centers on Sunday.

Last year, the Greek peach producers were majorly affected by the adverse weather conditions, which saw hale and heavy rainfall destroying many of their trees, but also from the Russian embargo on Greek peaches, as part of the EU products’ embargo. Thousands of tons of peaches were wasted in storage at the time, while some of the farmers did not even collect the fruits from their fields, as they knew they would have to keep them in storage due to the Russian embargo.

As they reported, almost six months later and a few months ahead of the new cultivation season, not a single euro has been given to them from the EU subsidies.


  1. Samaras will not listen to the Greek Peach Farmers. Samaras like many Greek politicians care about themselves. Samaras does not care about the agricultural sector. They should not bet on Samaras doing anything.