Greek Elections: How Would Greece’s Diaspora Vote – Poll Results


Greeks of Diaspora give a marginal win of 0.6% to New Democracy, the party of Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, in a poll conducted by Greek Reporter about the general elections in Greece.

The poll indicated that New Democracy would receive 33.6% of Greek Diaspora votes, over the 32.9% that said they would vote for SYRIZA, if they had the chance to cast a ballot. SYRIZA was leading the vast majority of polls conducted in Greece and finally became Greece’s new largest political power according to the latest election.

Greek citizens who reside outside of Greece are not able to vote from their country of residence, as voting for the Greek elections only takes place in Greece and requires physical presence. Considering the great number of Greeks around the globe, Greece is not counting a big number of votes from citizens who live abroad and most are not able to travel to Greece in order to vote.

Although different parties have many times promised, Greek lawmakers have denied passing a law that would allow members of the Greek Diaspora who are also Greek citizens to participate in Greek elections.

See the results of our Greek Diaspora poll on the upcoming Greek elections below: