Greece Ranks 29th Among 50 Countries in Innovation

50 Countries in InnovationGreece ranks 29th among 50 countries included in Bloomberg’s 2015 world innovation index, the data showed on Friday.

The country finds only Portugal behind it among Western European countries, while it leads over Eastern European countries.

The ranking focuses on six tangible activities that contribute to innovation: research and development, manufacturing, existence of high-tech companies, post-secondary education, research personnel and patents.

Interestingly, Greece ranks first in the post-secondary education as a percentage of college-age population (a sub-category in education in which South Korea tops the list again), which shows that while education may be necessary for innovation, it’s clearly not sufficient.
(Source: Bloomberg)


  1. Of course Greece is ranked 29th in innovation. What Greece needs is industrialization like in the USSR. If Greece industrializes, Greece will become more powerful.


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