Foreign Leaders React to SYRIZA’s Win

How-Foreign-Leaders-Reacted-to-SYRIZA-WinSeveral politicians rushed to congratulate radical left coalition leader Alexis Tsipras for his win in this Sunday’s national election.

French President Francois Hollande congratulated Tsipras for his party’s victory and pledged to cooperate with him. He expressed his “desire to pursue the close cooperation between our two countries in service of growth and the stability of the euro zone, in a spirit of progress, solidarity and responsibility that is at the heart of the European values we share.”

Furthermore, British Prime Minister David Cameron wasted no time tweeting his views regarding SYRIZA’s, stating that this will “increase economic uncertainty across Europe.”

Socialist European Parliament President Martin Schulz phoned Greece’s next Prime Minister on Sunday evening to congratulate him on his party’s victory. Shulz assured Tsipras that he would do whatever he can so that a “mutually acceptable, viable solution” is found in Greece’s negotiations with international creditors.

German chancellor Angela Merkel has made no statement concerning Greece’s electoral results.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin also congratulated SYRIZA’s leader on the party’s decisive election victory, saying that Russia will be able to cooperate with the new government. Putin expressed “confidence that Russia and Greece will continue to develop their traditionally constructive cooperation in all areas and will work together effectively in resolving current European and world problems,” the Kremlin said.

Finally, the White House expressed its desire to cooperate with the new Greek government, especially after leftist party SYRIZA won the elections mainly because of its anti-austerity views.

“We congratulate Greece on successfully completing its parliamentary elections and we look forward to working closely with its next government,” noted Mark Stroh, a White House National Security Council spokesman, currently in New Delhi along with U.S. President Barack Obama.


  1. David Cameron is nothing but a US poodle who gets his talking points by e-mail from American State Department. Best luck to Greece in near future.