Tsipras Won’t be Sworn In by Archbishop, but will Give Political Oath

tsipras-ieronimos-708SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras visits Archbishop Ieronymos this afternoon to inform him that he will not be sworn in by him and will only be taking a political oath.

Tsipras will also inform Ieronymos that he will not be needed in the inauguration swearing-in ceremony of the new government at Maximos Mansion because the oath of cabinet members will be political and not religious.

After the meeting with the Archbishop, the new prime minister will visit President of the Hellenic Republic Karolos Papoulias.

The inauguration of the new government will take place tomorrow without the Archbishop, but with the chief secretary of the Holy Synod — in the event that some of the new ministers would like to take a religious oath as well.

Archbishop Ieronymos will be at the inauguration swearing-in ceremony of the new parliament. However, again, Tsipras will not take a religious oath.

Reportedly, Tsipras contacted the Archbishop last night, shortly after the announcement of the election results. He called again today at 9 a.m. to request an appointment before visiting the president of the republic.


  1. It is about time that more people realised that we do not need priests. They like to think that they serve some purpose but they have no specialist skills or useful knowledge, and do no useful work.

  2. In the future, Atheist people will change the fabric of the world. I give Mr. Alexis Tsipras a best wish.

  3. He will fail miserably and the people of Greece will suffer hardships for their choice.
    Every time God’s people have turned a way from Him, they have suffered pain and tears of repentance to find their way back to Him.

    After the pain this will be a good result for Greece, but not before war comes to her door.

    The Greek Constitution is upheld in the name of the Holy and Consubstantial and Indivisible Trinity.

  4. Secular countries have less crime and are more prosperous than theistic countries (with the exception of the USA). Your “religious” leaders have failed you miserably in the past. It’s policies that will make the difference, not belief! With that in mind he should be judged on results not on whether he’s Atheist. No one is stopping citizens from practising private faith, but religion should be kept as far from politics as possible. I am of Greek heritage myself and have an instinctive hope that the Country of my father prosper.

  5. The peopl of Greece are not at fault. And that includes her faithful that turn to God. The leaders on the other hand are always to blame. But at the end of the day the ppl vote them in.
    And if you think this guy is different from the pack then you’re fooling yourself. He says I won’t take the religious oath but then goes to the priest for his blessing… Something doesn’t add up.

  6. Imaginary character?
    You mean the imaginary occurrence that happens annually at Pascha at His Sons Tomb, where the Holy Divine Uncreated Light appears to us.

    How long will He suffer us ….

    Keep your eye and mind on the Creator and not the created.

  7. what about Tsipras fake visit to Mt Athos? was it all a ploy to get votes? wow – another leftist liar!