British PM Phones Tsipras, Congratulates Him on Victory

cameron_2663053bBritish Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday spoke on the phone and congratulated his new Greek counterpart, Alexis Tsipras.

Cameron welcomed Tsipras’ intention to fight corruption and stressed the need for joint cooperation to combat terrorism.

According to an announcement by the British embassy in Athens, Greece, the British Premier’s office spokesperson said: “Prime Minister Tsipras thanked the [British] Prime Minister for the call and set out the immediate issues that his government would be focusing on, in particular in tackling Greece’s economic challenges. The Prime Minister welcomed Prime Minister Tsipras’ intention to tackle corruption and increase tax transparency across Greece and said that as a key advocate of these issues, the UK was keen to work closely with the Greek government. They also discussed foreign affairs, agreeing on the need to work together to tackle terrorism, in particular the threat of foreign fighters.
They concluded that they looked forward to meeting at next month’s European Council in Brussels when they could continue discussions on these issues.”

(source: ana-mpa)


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