Restitution of Minimum Wage, Layoffs Cancelled, Health Insurance for All, Citizenship to Immigrant Children; Some of First Reforms by Coalition

cabinet meetingThe restitution of minimum wage, granting citizenship to children of immigrants born here, the rehiring of public sector employees unduly laid off, were some of the reforms that will be implemented immediately, as reported after the first cabinet meeting.

Labour Minister Panos Skourletis said that the “reinstitution of the minimum wage at 751 euros is among the government’s first draft laws.” He also underlined that among the new government’s first priorities are measures to stop the humanitarian and social crisis.

Deputy Minister of Administrative Reform Giorgos Katrougalos, speaking on Wednesday to ANT1 TV, reiterated the pledge that public sector layoffs that were against the Constitution will be cancelled. He used as an example the finance ministry cleaning staff, teachers and school guards.

The issue of the uninsured as well as the policies that should be applied in the health and medicine sectors are among Health Minister Panagiotis Kouroumplis‘ first priorities.

Kouroumplis, speaking to Mega TV on Wednesday, said that he will send a request to the hospitals within the day in order to brief him within the next three days on the prevailing situation and their needs. Referring to medicine, Kouroumblis estimated that with the intervention of the new leadership of the Health Ministry there will be economic benefits that will be re-invested in the system.

Deputy Minister of Migration Policy Tasia Christodoulopoulou speaking on Wednesday to private radio Sto Kokkino, said that the state will grant Greek nationality to all migrants’ children that were born and raised in Greece, “even those that were not born but came to Greece very young, attended and finished school here.”



  1. Good News Everyone!
    The wave of Greek emigration that is coming will make the Irish diaspora following the Great Famine look like a motor coach load of people.

  2. looks like syriza has plans to replace the greek population ithat is leaving with muslim immigrants


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