Spiegel: Berlin is Ready for New 20-Billion-Euro Aid Package to Greece

Spiegel_GreeceThe German government denied a Spiegel report that the country is ready to give a 20-billion-euro aid to Greece, if the country honors its Memorandum commitments.

According to the German magazine, due to the current situation in Greece, with the Greek economy taking a down turn after SYRIZA’s victory, reduction on income and outflow of deposits from Greek banks, the German federal government considers to help Greece with a 20-billion-euro assistance package in order to avoid a financial breakdown.

However, German Finance Ministry sources contradicted Spiegel’s report and stressed that the German government not only is not considering providing help to Greece , but quite the opposite, is getting ready for a strict answer to Greek Finance Minister Giannis Varoufakis, following his statements.