Watch the Documentary Greece’s New Finance Minister Produced about the Greek Crisis

Yanis Varoufakis

Before he became Greece’s new finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis was very outspoken on what Greece needs to do to get out of the crisis. He even produced a documentary showcasing his suggestions about Greece’s economy. In the following documentary produced for Channel 4, Varoufakis tells his story on the Greek Crisis and what it needs to be done to reverse its painful effects.

The university professor and recently appointed Greek Finance Minister by Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras argues that Greeks are unfairly portrayed as profligate spenders and -most importantly- there is a way out of the crisis. Watch the documentary below:


  1. How about another video, this time about the state-employed floorsweepers at the railway stations with a salary of a mere 4500 Euros per month (yes, per month, not per year). And the state-employed locomotive drivers with a salary of 80 000 Euros per year and a bonus of 5 000 Euros if they promise to wash their hands! Need I go on?

  2. fight for Freedom Greece, take your Democraty back, just as in 490 bc when you went to Marathonas, to beat the persians and throw them out !!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

  3. Well, the railway company wages were indeed a shame and a product of corruption and nepotism, but they have been reduced since 2010. 740,- € minimum, 2220,- € maximum (with 39 years experience and a college degree).

  4. And we have a finance minister that flies economy and has sold the 700,000 Euro car of his predecessor.