Juncker: Greek People’s Democratic Will Should be Taken Into Account

Jean-Claude JunckerEuropean Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on Tuesday said the expression of the Greek people’s democratic will should be taken into account and congratulated the Greek people on “their courage.”

In his address in the annual meeting of the European Parliament and the national parliaments on the European Semester, Juncker said that those who win the elections in Greece and in other countries, should in their turn consider the rest of the EU people as well as their own beliefs.

He also acknowledged the need for some differentiation in policies, clarifying however: “We will not overturn everything just because we had an election result.”

Juncker also referred to the initiatives taken by the Commission before the Greek elections on the 315-billion-euro investment program and the decisions on the Stability Pact’s flexibility.

“I comprehend what has happened in Greece and I am telling you that what the EU Commission did took place before the lesson that some people say we took from the result of the Greek elections,” Juncker said.

(source: ana-mpa)