Greek Migration Minister: Citizenship to All Children Born in Greece


Greece’s newly appointed Alternate Minister of Migration Policy Tasia Christodoulopoulou introduced the Ministry’s initiative policies regarding migration. Among others, the program includes granting Greek citizenship to second generation migrants who were born and raised in Greece, as well as the disruption of Greek Police’s “Xenios Zeus” operation for the arrest of migrants that was introduced by the previous administration and specifically by the former Public Order and Citizen Protection Minister Nikos Dendias and continued by his successor Vassilis Kikilias.

As Christodoulopoulou highlighted, all born in Greece and who have not known any other country as their homeland, will immediately be granted Greek citizenship. In addition, she committed to shut down all operating migrant detention centers, such as the controversial Amygdaleza camp, near Athens. As she said, they will rather operate as open welcoming centers. In addition, Christodoulopoulou appeared optimistic regarding the review of the Dublin Regulation determining the European Union member-states’ responsibilities toward migrants and asylum seekers.

Referring to the chaotic procedures needed to grant a political asylum, she said that they also need to be reviewed and supported, particularly at the country’s entry points, in order to expedite the examination of thousands of applications. Finally, she stressed that the practice of “pushing” migrants back to their countries must end and that European Union member-states should take joint initiatives for receiving refugees.


  1. Time for illegal immigrants to run to this country pregnant, give birth, and file for their child’s citizenship. Then they must stay too since they are the child’s guardian. Then, since they stayed for so long they too will be granted citizenship. Congratulations. Not just any immigrants will come to Greece either. We’re in south-east Europe, so we will welcome all muslims from the nearby troubled Middle East and north African countries to come and reside here. Let’s build million-euro mosques for them so that they can feel at home – Greece provides excellent hospitality.

    We need strong immigration policies to prevent anyone from coming in. Only those who are educated and arrive with a great interest towards the Greek culture should be granted citizenship. Any immigrant that breaks the law should be immediately deported back to where they came and be banned from re-entry. Only this way can we ensure that we are not infested and out-populated with violent, disrespectful people who don’t care for our culture and heritage.

  2. This is only possible thanks to the so-called far-right so-called Independent so-called Greeks party. No coalition, no parliament…

  3. Why are you fanatically anti-immigrant? Immigrants actually bring revenue and jobs into your country. It’s funny how you state that immigrants want to destroy your culture. If that is the case then down with your culture. Many Greeks need to stop with their ego.

  4. I’m not anti-immigrant, I’m talking about controlling immigration. We have a culture to preserve. We don’t need or want muslims imposing their culture on us.

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    FYROM is a nation that lives off of a false history; attempting to steal our history to give the people a sense of belonging in the region. Their people didn’t arrive in the region until >1000 years after Alexander the Great died. They are Bulgarians. Google: “United Macedonia” to see their future aspirations and to further understand our hate towards them.

  6. Your comments with regards to Macedonia are false. The Macedonians were not ethnically Greek. Alexander the Great was a Macedonian, not a Greek. The Macedonians have their own language and culture. The Macedonians and the Greeks are two different ethnicities. Many countries around the world recognize the “Republic of Macedonia”. President Bush even recognized Macedonia and met with Prime Minister Gruevski and President Crvenkovski in 2008. Macedonia even wants European Union and NATO membership. However, Greece is the only country that blocks membership to Macedonia. Maybe Greece should be kicked out of the European Union and NATO in retaliation. Macedonia then would be a member of European Union and NATO without a problem. Macedonia has more democracy then Greece has ever had! Stop with your Greek fanaticism!

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