New Democracy Leader Expresses Concern Over Greek Government’s First Moves

Samaras_Vouli New Democracy leader Antonis Samaras on Thursday, during the first meeting of the party’s parliamentary group after the January 25 elections, expressed his concern over the recent developments and defended his policy while criticizing the new Greek government’s first moves.

“What government Ministers say is either to prepare for a confrontation with the European Union or to prepare for a change of stance,” Samaras said and underlined that “If the government chooses to continue our policy in its own way, we will support it. If it implements what it has promised, there will be difficult times ahead for Greece. We have already warned them and these warnings still apply in full.”

“If the government chooses to ‘steer the ship onto the rocks,’ then we will oppose to it. If they try to destroy scheduled reforms, then we will also oppose it,” he added.

Samaras referred to the European Central Bank (ECB) decision, saying that it caused concern, as European Parliament President Martin Schulz said that the country is in danger of a default if it does not abide by its commitments, adding that the country is in the most critical moment of its recent history. “We are always a party of national responsibility. From the position of the main opposition, we will support what is right and criticize what is wrong. We will not hesitate to vote for something that is right, or to vote against something that is wrong,” he said.

“The government of New Democracy has successfully dealt with Greece’s recovery. We took over chaos and handed over a state; we got the country out of the crisis, although this has not been recognized by some [that are] petty-minded,” Samaras noted.

In an assessment of the election result in relation to the difficulties his government had to deal with, Samaras said that “New Democracy lost the elections but stood on its feet… It suffered a small loss compared to the percentage it got in 2012.”

Finally, during the meeting of New Democracy’s parliamentary group, Yiannis Plakiotakis was elected new secretary of the party.