Teachers Shocked by Starving Children in Greek Schools

school-childrenAthens City Council was shocked when two teachers reported malnutrition incidents in several schools in the Greek capital. The two teachers, Andriani Prokopi and Dimitris Mariolis noted that they were called to teach starving children, while Mariolis mentioned a specific incident where he found out that one of his students had not eaten for two days.

Furthermore, the international competition for food provisions, amounting to 1 million euros, was delayed. As a result, the Municipal Nursery of Athens will not be able to prepare  10,500 rations that would supposedly be distributed to various nurseries, schools and municipal soup kitchens, on a daily basis.

Since last October the Municipal Nursery of Athens prepares food thanks to various sponsorships that can only provide for 4,500 rations, which are distributed to nurseries. The schools do not receive any food rations, while municipal soup kitchens in Athens have been undertaken by a catering service that had distributed food rations in the past.

Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis reassured the teachers that the problem would be solved by the end of next week. However, the competition has been blocked for at least a year and still it has not been completed. Kaminis partly blamed the bureaucratic obstacles for the situation, while the Deputy Finance Mayor Giorgos Broulias noted that the municipal council as well as the government are also responsible for neglecting the issue.