86 Names Missing from ‘Lagarde List’

    Lagarde List2The notorious “Lagarde List” should include a total of 2,148 names and not the 2,062 that are listed so far, according to a report in Ta Nea newspaper.

    The Lagarde List is a spreadsheet containing over 2,000 names of possible Greek tax evaders with undeclared deposits at Swiss HSBC bank’s Geneva branch. It is named after former French finance minister Christine Lagarde who passed it to the Greek government in October 2010 to help them tackle tax evasion. Lagarde is now Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund.

    The list was hidden by Greek officials and it became known two years later when it was exposed by investigative journalist Costas Vaxevanis.

    The newspaper report says that after research by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, there are 86 new names of Greeks who have undeclared deposits in the Swiss bank. They are all natives of Greece, but have declared residency in other countries, thereby not listed on the original list. Also, the investigation shows that there are another 41 names who are linked to the accounts of potential tax evaders already on the list.

    So far, very few names on the list have been audited. Former finance minister Giorgos Papaconstantinou is accused of distorting the spreadsheet and erasing names of his relatives on the list and will be referred to the Special Court.


    1. Taxevaders must be named and shamed in public and their assets must be seized immediately without second thought.

    2. This list, and others, has been known for years and no government or tax agency did anything with the list.
      And because they did nothing, Greece still has to borrow money grom Europe.
      Greek governments took money from the salaried workers and let the entrepeneurs, the rich not pay any taxes and to export their capital out of Greece.
      If Greece govenrment and voters think they can borrow without paying back, we call that embezzling, than they will soon realize this is not going to be.

    3. “If Greece govenrment and voters think they can borrow without paying back, we call that embezzling”

      Granted Greece made a mistake but lets not forget Germans were responsible for the biggest “embezzling” of debt in European history (directly after they just tried to kill everyone). Why doesn’t anyone go on and on about that colossal debt default?

      Furthermore trying to portray the situation as if Greece hasn’t made massive changes is completely unfair (and smacks of racism). Compare current salaries in Greece versus salaries for the exact same job in Netherlands. Are you claiming Dutch people are worth twice the money for doing the exact same amount of work?

      For the record, I support austerity (I don’t support comrade Tsipiras).We have to live within our means. All austariy represents if finally balancing our books to match spending to tax revenue. However i also believe with mounting debt that some restructuring is necessary (either in the form of haircut, lower interest rates or deferred payment). We have done all the cuts we could (and enduring global humiliation in the process) but debt is still climbing because the amount of debt Greece carries is still too big. Tired of the patronizing lectures.

      Our primary surplus is evidence we are now spending within our means. Our creditors need to understand that keeping Greece perpetually an inch from insolvency harms everyone. If these legitimate concerns are ignored or met with patronizing antigreek rhetoric, we should should just default and let the cards fall where they fall (or alternative, get out of Euro and start printing money like UK and US do to fudge on their debts). Will probably trigger yet another depression but if we aren’t getting foreign funds, at least no one can claim afterwords we are living beyond our means.

    4. Salaries, internationally speaking, are related to productivity. This is why fi Germany can pay higher wages than Greece and have a vibrant economy with a huge export surplus.

      In fact, this is one of the key shortcomings of Greek economy.

      Part of this is the result of a bloated improductive bureaucracy, part is the result of closed of economic sectors and part is the result of loss generating state entreprises. Other parts Ileave to your imagination.

      Yes, now, thanks to Europe, you have a small primary surplus. A succes and I salute you.

      First reaction of Greece : rehire unneeded and overpaid bureaucrats, jack up minimum wages, talk about more defense spending, talk about more loans.

      So, maybe Greece should better be leaving Europe as it is a society not able to live in a framework where they are a small part of a bigger whole.

      We should let Greece go to do as they want and take responsability for what they did snd will do.

    5. But the people who laid this austerity on the working population of Greece were those who Greek people had elected to govern them. Instead they looted the place, stashed the money overseas and blamed everybody else for the problem. When the missing millions were identified, they hid it!
      Now those thieves have been kicked out – good for Greece.
      Time to reclaim the money, jail the criminals and pay your debts.

    6. I agree ,I consider these rich Tax Evaders to be traitors, and should be treated as such. I pay all my taxes I live in America and am not rich .If I was rich, it would prompt me more so to pay my taxes . How selfish and greedy can one get ?