Artist Makes Poster of Varoufakis, Merkel ‘Showdown’

Varoufakis_MerkelFollowing the appearance of photoshopped images of Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis in social media, it was only a matter of time before graphic artists would take a shot at presenting the rising tension between the new Greek government and Germany in their own way.

An artist called Estebanned created what looks like a film poster showing a stern-looking Varoufakis and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in profile, looking down. The title of the “film” reads “The End Of Austerity No2” and its main cast is Merkel, Schaeuble, Tsipras and Varoufakis.

The release date is February 11, 2015, when the Eurogroup will hold an emergency meeting.

The poster was posted on the platform DeviantArt.

(Source: Estebanned via DeviantArt)


  1. Mr. Varoufaki. I live with 300 euro per month. Before I was for 4 years unemployed. How on earth I can live with this amount when I have to pay utility bills and taxes? Can you ask Merkel to give an answer on this???

  2. Handouts. Taxation. Rich scapegoats. The leftist way.

    Until enough Greeks understand there are no quick fixes and change their ideological outlook to a more business friendly attitude things will only get worse for Greece. “Caring about the people” speeches don’t feed people. Jobs do. And to have jobs one has to have profitable companies and workers productive enough to compete on global markets. Essentially only two ways this can be achieved.

    a. Low wages, minimal services and low taxes (which creates profits for companies that can be used to improve productivity)

    b. use technology to boast productivity of workers thus end up with higher wages and more services.

    Since Greece is nowhere near having option “b”… “a” is the only option available. Greek leftists want “b” but don’t understand we can’t get there until we’ve done “a” for a few decades. Laws of economics cannot be defeated by whining for handouts and moralizing. (see North versus South Korea)


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