Russian Foreign Minister: We Will Support the Greeks If They Ask

lavrovRussian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Russia will help Greece if Athens asks for financial support. The statement was made during a meeting with his Greek counterpart, Nikos Kotzias, on Wednesday.

The two men met in a joint effort to revive relations between the two countries after the European Union sanctions imposed on Russia over the Ukraine issue. Analysts say that the meeting was scheduled within the time frame of Greece’s negotiations with its European partners over the debt issue.

The Greek foreign minister expressed worry over the Ukrainian crisis. “We are very concerned about the destabilization of the situation on the continent. We see that Greece is in the center of destabilization. Greece wants to explain to its partners that all problems should be resolved through diplomacy, through negotiation. Otherwise, we will face a humanitarian crisis,” said Mr. Kotzias.

The Greek minister also expressed his gratitude to Russia for its firm stance in favor of Cyprus underlining that “our relationship with Russia is a relationship of sincere friendship.” Mr. Kotzias added: “What I said to Mr. Lavrov is that we have a principle in dealing with Russia, the principle of Europe and we should always show respect to a great power that has always played a peaceful role in Europe.”

On his part, the Russian foreign minister stressed that, “We appreciate the constructive stance of Greece in the relations between Moscow and the European Union. He also said that Russia will consider requests for assistance to Greece, if Greece asks for help.


  1. If Greece is allying with Moscow then Greece should be thrown out of NATO and the European Union in response. If Athens wants to have a love affair with Moscow then let them. In response, Macedonia and Turkey should join the European Union.

  2. The European Union has its own institutions and mechanisms that decide who joins. Those that do not qualify do not enter and they need to get over it or repair themselves.

  3. I think NATO has more to lose if they were to throw Greece out, so don’t be silly.

    Let FYROM and Turkey join the EU. The EU will have to deal with all the poor FYROMians and Turks fleeing to their countries.

  4. Lol. How about you short out your near ruined country before faking help for our beautiful Greece?

  5. youre an idiot,,,that explains that youre an anarchist,,,,know your history before you talk


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