Greek Unemployment Drops, But Still High at 25.8 Percent

anergianeaUnemployment in Greece dropped slightly, but remains high, reaching 25.8 percent in November.

According to a report by the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) published on Thursday, figures show that the Greek economy is shyly emerging from a six-year recession.

November’s statistics show that unemployment rates have dropped slightly, after reaching an all-time high 28 percent in September 2013.

Specifically, the unemployed in November 2014 amounted to 1,229,367. They were 27,720 less than November 2013, and 13,552 less than October 2014.

Also, November’s figures are the lowest since August 2012, when unemployment stood at 25.5 percent.

Joblessness has decreased, but is still very high compared to an average 11.4 percent among euro zone countries in November.

According to ELSTAT, the Greek economy is projected to have expanded by 0.7 percent last year.