45 Dead in Greece Due to the Flu

H1N1Seasonal flu has peaked in Greece, claiming 45 lives over the last months, according to data released by the Hellenic Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KEELPNO).

Seasonal flu cases in Greece are expected to significantly increase over the coming weeks. At the moment, a total of 115 patients have been hospitalized in Intensive Care Units, while 33 still remain in the ICU.

Forty five people have lost their lives due to the illness, among them a young 17-year-old boy and an infant.

According to KEELPNO, the majority of people who have been affected by the flu this year were adult men – 50 in total. The dominant slightly mutated strain A (H3N2) is very aggressive and often proves fatal when it affects elder people with serious health problems.

Studies have shown that 50-80% of respiratory infections are transmitted through touch, pathogenic microorganisms that exist on door handles, telephone receivers, computer keyboards and generally on items of frequent use.

It is therefore extremely important to maintain meticulous hand hygiene. Hand washing should take place before preparing and consuming food, before and after visiting the toilet, after contact with animals and of course after each financial transaction.


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