The Touching Political Cartoon that Went Viral in Greece


It’s not the first time that acclaimed cartoonist Carlos Lattuf draws about Greece and the financial drama of its people. However the latest creation of the Brazilian artist has gone viral in Greece and there is a reason.

The cartoon portrays Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras holding Greece in order not to collapse, as he is returning an envelop that reads “austerity” (crossed out) to an EU authority.

The image of the arm around the new Greek PM who is Greece’s only foothold sums the country’s feelings as many Greeks believe that Tsipras is the only hope to bring Greece to a path of growth.

Tsipras and his government were elected on January 25th on the premise of negotiating a new deal for Greece and reverse the austerity measures that affected most of the country’s lower-income citizens.

After a European Union Summit today, the Greek PM stressed that “there is no memorandum, or, Troika in Greece,” and that his government will bring social justice back.

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