Greek Minister Visits Site of Pakistani National’s Suicide at Detention Center, Expresses ‘Shame’ at Conditions

Panousis_migrandsGreek Alternate Minister for Civil Protection Yiannis Panousis said on Saturday he was “ashamed as a human being” after seeing the foreigners’ detention center in Amygdaleza, north of Athens, Greece, where a Pakistani national, 28, hanged himself late on Friday night in the container used as temporary housing.

“I came to express the sadness and grief of the ministry and the government,” he said, “but now I express my shame, not as a minister, but as a human being, as a representative of a civilization.”

He said that the detention conditions for undocumented migrants were unbelievable, and clarified that this had nothing to do with the behavior and attitude of the police, which was correct, but with the idea of creating such centers. “It is not the image of a European country and of a country that respects human beings,” he said, and stressed that the detention centers would be replaced by “open hospitality centers.” The whole system would be overhauled in cooperation with Alternate Minister for Migration Policy Tasia Christodouloupoulou, he added, to guarantee acceptable conditions for detainees.

Anti-racism organization members had been rallying at Amygdaleza since early on Saturday, leaving only after the minister’s visit. Deputies and representatives of parties and agencies also arrived at the controversial center, where conditions for both adults and children have been the focus of protests several times in the past.

“We are all here — parties, agencies, all of Greece — and Greece cannot sustain such an image. We will change everything,” Panousis said.

The 28-year-old Pakistani was found in a container serving as a holding cell on the first day of his transfer to the center; he was discovered by fellow detainees at 2 a.m. on Saturday. He was arrested on December 12, 2014 in Rethymno, Crete, for illegal entry and residence and transferred to Athens two days ago, kept overnight at the foreigners’ directorate of Attica on Petrou Rallis Street before being taken to Amygdaleza.

Police attributed the death to suicide but an autopsy is scheduled for Sunday. Detainees protested over the incident, the second one of a young person in the last few days, following initial information that he killed himself over the length of his detention.


  1. the same thing is happening in italy – leftists are the same, they want to destroy the judeo-christian foundations of their societies as they are atheists and view everyone who does not accept their point of view as racists who must be eliminated and jailed, Tsipras is no different. In italy, unemployed receive nothing while refugees get handouts, i expect the same will happen from leftists in greece.

  2. You always rant about Hellenism but you must recognize that Hellenism is a long gone idea. Many people like you must recognize that Hellenism is not applicable to the situation today in Greece. If Greece keeps ranting about the ancient times, Greece will not move forward as a country. The truth is that the Greek War of Independence was a complete failure. While the Ottomans were not perfect, they would have been better for governing Greece. Ever since independence, Greece has been plagued by internal disputes and foreign wars. Greece has not achieved anything since independence.

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