New Greek Government Gets High Marks in Opinion Poll

Government60.6% of Greeks see the new Greek government in a positive way against 37.1% that are critical of it, according to an opinion poll published in the Sunday edition of Greek newspaper “To Vima.”

According to the poll, 48.1% believe the government’s negotiations with its loan partners will conclude with success while 51.1% remain pessimistic and concerned. Greeks believe that the economy will be improved a year from now (46.8%) and another 8% believe it will be improved by a lot while 21.3% believe nothing will change and 10.5% believe it will be worse.

Asked about their opinion on Alexis Tsipras as Prime Minister of Greece, 53.7% believe he will prove to be better than any Prime Minister of the last 20 years while 34.6% believe he will be worse.

(source: ana-mpa)


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