Sophia Loren: I Will Never Forget Hydra and Greece

sophia loren“I will never forget Hydra… one of the most beautiful places in the world,” said Italian actress Sophia Loren to The New York Times.

The great Italian actress was born in Rome in 1934 and grew up in Naples. Her real name is Sofia Villani Scicolone and entered the film industry in the 1950s, soon to become one of the most emblematic figures of Italian and international cinema.

Speaking to the New York Times about her favorite place to shoot a film, Loren said, “I did a picture, ‘The Boy on a Dolphin,’ in Greece, in Hydra, one of the most beautiful places in the world. I remember it really with great, great joy. Because, for me, it was a moment of starting in the American cinema and I was starting my romance with my husband, and so I’m attached also for what I discovered in my husband. It was a beautiful, euphoric moment for me. I will never forget Hydra.”

“The Boy on a Dolphin” was shot in 1957 and is now considered a classic. She won an Oscar in 1962 for her performance in “La Ciociara,” or “Two Women,” about wartime Italy.

Loren was married to well-known Italian producer Carlo Ponti, who died in 2007. She has two sons from her marriage and now lives in Switzerland.