Health Clinic in Northern Greece Treats the Poor

thessaloniki-health-clinicSocial health clinic “Hygeia” in Thessaloniki provides relief to around 350 poor and uninsured Greek citizens. The clinic is even visited by parents who are unable to pay for a pediatrician and regular check-ups required for infants. The clinic belongs to the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Neapolis and Stavroupolis, and has been operational since 2013. The staff consists of volunteer doctors.

According to the clinic’s communication officer, Maria Charalambidou, 50 to 60 children are brought to the clinic every week. “We are facing a great problem. Children are not only coming in if they are sick, but also for their regular vaccination,” she said. Furthermore, Greek NGO “MissionAnthopos” also performs vaccinations every two months.

Explaining the clinic’s operational plan, Charalambidou noted: “We provide medicine to our patients. We have created a pharmacy, where 6,100 drugs are available. We are also supported by a large private diagnostic center that offers us free tests.”

Furthermore, as of March 2015, the scientific team will offer free tests for Alzheimer’s disease and psychological support to people suffering from depression or other illnesses.