German FinMin Schaeuble: Greeks Will Find it Difficult to Explain the Deal to Voters


Greece and the Eurozone finally managed to bridge the gap regarding the country’s bailout program and they reached a new deal that entails a four-month extension of the loan agreement without new austerity measures and a commitment that no unilateral actions will be taken.

The acceptance of Greece’s request for a grace period until the end of April -pending the approval of a list of reforms that must be submitted by Greece on Monday- was greeted as a successful combination of “logic with ideology and rules with respect for democracy” by Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis in the press conference held in Brussels after the meeting. As he underlined, the agreement for the process to be followed was a first step in a new direction that took Greece out of its isolation in Europe after five years of suffocating Memoranda agreed to by the country’s previous government, while Greece is building a new relationship with Europe and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to truly exit the crisis and reduce its debt.

On the other hand though, hardliner German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble indicated that the governing leftist SYRIZA, which won the January 25 elections in Greece with a pre-election program based on the abolition of the unpopular austerity measures, will have to back some of the measures it vowed to repeal. “The Greeks will certainly have a difficult time explaining the deal to their voters,” he said with a pinch of bitterness. While demanding “significant improvements” in Athens’ reform commitments, Schaueble accepted the loan agreement’s four-month extension, underlining though that “being a government is a date with reality, and reality is often not as nice as a dream.”


  1. What is Schaeuble’s game plan here? Germans gave very little to syriza minus changing the name of the troika. If he wants to further polarize the Greek electorate further left and more frightening further to the right (Golden Dawn), hes doing a good job

  2. Only 45% of Greeks voted for Syriza (less than support Republicans in the US). The other 55% opposed them.

    And what’s with our leftist’s obsession with Germans? Every nation in the EU opposes Syriza’s extreme demands to end cuts (i.e. BALANCE OUR BUDGET). No EU nation supports Syriza’s fanatics. None. Zilch. Zero. Nada. It was obvious to everyone except to Syriza’s deluded far leftist fanatics that their outrageous demands to have foreign taxpayers fund their lifestyle would be rejected. Our “anti-nationalist” leftist cowards fantasized if they betrayed Hellenism their alleged foreign “comrades” would shower them with affection and money and they would lead us all to their post nationalist Marxist utopia.

    Golden Dawn are extreme but the fact is so are the incompetent far leftists that voted for Syriza. Using old communist scare tactic that only other option to Marxism is fascism shows just how manipulative and undemocratic Syriza’s supporters actually are. There are plenty of parties to vote for beyond fascist and communist fanatics. Even liar Tspiras’s dishonest commie propaganda attempt to spin his compete and utter failure in negotiations as a “success” is an example of just how our deluded our leftists have become. They have built a world of words utterly removed from reality. Most of Syriza’s supporters have no clue many of their alleged foreign “comrades” are currently trying to delete ethnic Greeks. (which is precisely why Skopje’s foreign apologists blindly supported Skopje)

  3. The thrust of your arguments are personal attacks against me rather than topic at hand. You never address my valid point Tspiras is a manipulatively liar.

    1. .He lied to Greek people in his claims he would immediately exit austerity. (which was obvious because there is no way for him to achieve this)

    2., After humiliating himself (ZERO EU countries supported Syriza. ZERO)… liar Tsipiras tried to manipulatively spin his utter failure as a “success”.

    You can rant about me for saying the truth if you like. Won’t change the fact Tsipiras is an incompent liar. Someone that cared about Greece, more than protecting their bruised ego for being fooled by him.. would denounce his lies..