Greek Deputy Migration Minister: Citizenship Granting Bill for Second Generation Migrants to be Tabled First


Greece’s Deputy Migration Policy Minister Tasia Christodoulopoulou, in an interview with Athens-Macedonian News Agency, declared that her first bill to be tabled in the Greek Parliament will be the one regarding granting citizenship to second generation migrants. As she said, the bill is a “country’s great obligation,” adding that previous relevant draft laws submitted by other parties too will also be taken into consideration in order to achieve the necessary parliamentary majority. She also referred to the detention centers, saying that the examination of cases and the gradual release of detainees have already started.

Christodoulopoulou’s ministerial program includes, among others, the disruption of Greek Police’s “Xenios Zeus” operation for the arrest of migrants, which was introduced by the previous administration and specifically by former Public Order and Citizen Protection Minister Nikos Dendias and continued by his successor Vassilis Kikilias.

As Christodoulopoulou has already declared in the past, all children born in Greece and who have not known any other country as their homeland, will immediately be granted Greek citizenship. In addition, she appears committed to gradually shut down all operating migrant detention centers, such as the controversial Amygdaleza camp, near Athens. As she said, they will rather operate as open welcoming centers. Moreover, the Deputy Migration Policy Minister has repeatedly appeared optimistic regarding the review of the Dublin Regulation determining the European Union member-states’ responsibilities toward migrants and asylum seekers.


  1. the second muslim invasion of greece has begun, thank you Mr Tsipras, wasn’t 400 years of forced conversion, rape and murder of greek orthodox christians by muslims enough Mr Tsipras? do we have to go through that again????????

  2. I agree that there has to be a solution for immigrants wanting to live in Greece and the EU but they should not be granted citizenship unconditionally and simply based on the number of years that they have remained in the country. The degree of their integration and their dedication to European values should be examined before they are granted citizenship. I have read the negative comments below…I can see their point but the situation that Greece finds itself in these days it actually needs some new blood and new tax-payers, as the “native” Greeks have left to a great degree and only those unable to leave have remained, which largely includes old people that need financing by the state and are unable to or do not qualify to pay taxes. Another point to note, modern flows of immigration are more or less the same as in prehistoric times and if they have not stopped all these centuries, I do not think that there is anything that can stop them now…

  3. The Greek parliament will never sign that bill! Only in Greece foreigners are treated like trash.
    You’ll renew resident permits, they will hold it for a year or more until the paper is almost expires before they will release it to you.; You use more than 2800E to renew two years resident permits.
    Most of the Greek men disrespect women especially women of colour with their cat calling while walking on the street even though you are wearing wedding ring!.
    The present Greek government has a lot of works in their hands; a lot of things to put in-order and to be fixed. The house is dirty and unkempt’, they have a lot of washing and cleansing to do starting from the Greeks and later foreigners living in Greece.

  4. Japan has low birth rates too but they manage to have a successful economy and keep their country Japanese. They accomplish this by
    focusing on private sector and keep illegals out. (the opposite of the
    behavior of our antihellenic leftists)

    There is no way a country can keep its identity without defending its borders. A country that does not defend its borders is headed for failed state.

  5. “The priorities of a
    Greek is preserving Hellenic culture not mimicking amoeba , flora ,
    dinosaurs, Eskimos, or anyone else..”…the priorities of an ultra-nationalistic Greek you mean, Phil…which are not different to those of an ultra-nationalist of any nationality…

    “we should trust the views of Hellenes from 2500 years ago far more than the views of pretentious incompetent antihellenic Marxists.

    ” The Greeks of 2500 years ago were a mixed people that incorporated Indo-European and “local” Mediterranean populations…the kings of Macedonia married foreign wives, Alexander the Great ordered his army to marry local Persian women en mass, the first Athenian settlers allowed the original inhabitants of the city, the Pelasgians, to settle back in the city and to carry on speaking their own language, the they took on the Pelasgian name Athens for the city totally dropping the one that they gave it (Kekropia) and started worshipping the Pelasgian mother-goddess Athena, Mycenaeans initially copied the art of the Minoans (a local Mediterranean civilisation) etc. The reality of the ultra-nationalist is a made-up one that involves a lot of denial and make-belief. It is a world that exists inside your head, Phil, and which you choose to live in because it makes you feel good, more confident perhaps. It is you that is antihellenic because you are rejecting the very essence and genetic heritage of Greece, which is an open-minded and mixed one. That is why it peaked. Isolated communities never peaked. In any case, I don’t think that people living on a different continent should have a say how the country is run, because they don’t have a clear idea of it is like to live in Greece but also they will not suffer the consequences of their own voting decisions.

  6. As previously posted, if Greece had to keep illegals out, it would have to get rid of the overwhelming majority of its populations…probably only babies would remain…

  7. I never claimed racial purity comrade. In fact I agree with your assessment both ancient and modern Greeks are not some sort of pure race. Albeit no pure standard exists this doesn’t actually dismiss that not only are we directly genetically related to ancient Greeks but even neolithic people that lived in the region (as modern DNA testing is showing) How much is still difficult to assess with current technology and the issue so heavily politicized… but I know pseudo-scientific narrating leftist quacks like you don’t have a clue.

    You’ve misinterpreted Hellenism entirely. That despite not being racially pure… ancient Greeks still saw themselves as real Greeks.. and indeed were real Greeks.

    In fact modern British are far less “real” British than Greeks are real Greeks comrade. What exact does the German Queen of Saxe-Cobourg and Gotha have in common with original Brits that Greeks today don’t have a thousand fold more with ancient Greeks?

    So why aren’t our genius leftist cowards equally mocking modern “British identity as “ultra nationalism”? Why not Jews? Germans? Chinese? Are they all pure races that genetically match ancient counterparts comrade?

    The problem with our pseudo-intellectual pomo leftist crackpots is they selectively destruct nations until nothing is left. If they saw flowing water in a river they would claim the river does not exist. However nations, like rivers, do exist comrade. Ironically the our leftists perception of “real” identity seems to be similar to the quack racial theories of Nazis. They spin the yarn that our nations are “nationalist” myths of “imagined communities”.

    Multiculturalism obsessed leftist fanatics like you would eventually call anything “Greek” — thus making the term Greek devoid of meaning. You fail to understand the essence of nations is to be found in repetition of key cultural themes (language, toponyms, customs, territorial association, education). For Greeks, that is to be found in Hellenic ones… not multicultural ones that you ridiculously claim as Hellenic. This is why its called the HELLENISTIC period not the MULTICULTURALISM MARXIST period. Your bizarre perceptions of Hellenism are the antithesis of Hellenism comrade.

    I’m glad you said all that because it makes it very clear not only are you not Greek but are defacto antihellenic. You may live in Greece but are as “Greek” as any Skopian. And as an antihellene you have no business lecturing Greeks on Hellenism.

  8. I know when I read your comments, Phil, and I am worried people are going to think that all Greeks are like that…

  9. Six responses to the same post…sounds like someone’s drifting towards insanity…go and get some professional help, Phil. This chat here does not offer psychotherapy for ultra-nationalists…

  10. Evasions to hide your ethnic roots aren’t Greek. Love how you tried to fool actual Greek posters here into thinking you were Greek. Manipulator.

  11. How are things in your original country since your family left for Greece Chevalier? Bet you don’t support Marxists in your original homeland. Bet they still deport illegals there. You never answered the question. Did you and your family enter Greece illegally?


  12. Nice try.

    So if you are so pro illegal immigration why don’t you equally complain about how they deport illegals in your original homeland? Why don’t you call people in your own homeland “fascist” and “racist” when they deport illegals?



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