Greek PM Tsipras: We Won a Battle, Not the War

diaggelma-tsipraIn his address to the Greek people, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras stressed that yesterday’s Eurogroup agreement with the country’s European loan partners was an “important success,” signaling the end of austerity and the bailout program. Although, as he underlined, the difficult part of the negotiations still lies ahead.

“We won a battle, but not the war. The difficulties lie ahead of us,” Tsipras said regarding the new agreement. This entails a four-month extension of the loan agreement without new austerity measures and a commitment that no unilateral actions will be taken.

The difficulties for the Greek government seem to have started from the first hours following Friday’s Eurogroup, as the country’s deadline to come up with viable reform proposals in order to secure an extension to its existing bailout package, as well as drafting a new one, is due this coming Monday. The planning of the government’s new moves is to be tabled in today’s meeting between Tsipras and his cabinet.

According to the Eurogroup statement on Greece issued yesterday, the Greek authorities will present a first list of reform measures, based on the current arrangement, by the end of Monday, February 23. The institutions will provide a first view whether this is sufficiently comprehensive to be a valid starting point for a successful conclusion of the review. This list will be further specified and then agreed with the institutions by the end of April. As declared, only approval of the extended arrangement’s review conclusion by the institutions will allow for any disbursement of the outstanding tranche of the current EFSF program and the transfer of the 2014 Securities Markets Program profits. Both are again subject to approval by the Eurogroup.

Athens greeted the deal to extend the country’s loan agreement as the first step away from five difficult years of austerity, although others received yesterday’s announcement with skepticism. The newly elected SYRIZA-led Greek government is trying to balance between the much-needed accordance with European institutions in an attempt to avoid a liquidity crunch and Greek Prime Minister Tsipras’ promises to put an end to the previous government’s austerity policies, imposed by the EC/ECB/IMF Troika.


  1. Nice spin job. Pure BS artist. Tripiras completely caved in (as was expected by everyone but his genius leftist supporters). After all the outragious rhetoric and demands…Tsipiras left with his tail between his legs. All Syriza’s empty promises of exiting austerity and rolling back cuts… LIES. LIES. LIES.

    Our leftists never learn. They clearly preferred to be lied to by Marxist extremists like Tsipiras then have someone honest tell them there are no quick fixes and there is no money to roll back cuts. They made the exact same mistake when the same people used to vote for Pasok.

  2. i would prefer nea democratia – i see syriza’s social policies of giving illegal immigrants greek citizenship as a complete betrayal to my orthodox ancestors that died so that we could be free from muslims who killed us, forced some to convert, raped, murdered christian orthodox greeks

  3. According to the rocket scientists that support Marxist extremists our only two options are communists and fascists

  4. Monsters under your bed? Karl Marx reprising Banquo’s ghost?

    You know the drill.

    Call your mommy. Have her leave the light on.

  5. Syriza is about as “patriotic” as their treasonous Marxist “heroes” were during the Greek civil war…(back when our leftists colluded with IMRO in trying to annex Macedonia to Skopje)

    Syriza is effectively a non-Greek party. Several of their MPs don’t even have a Hellenic identity, some once again treasonously support Skopje, and most of their idiotic supporters don’t even realize it.

  6. Ottomans didn’t treat anyone fairly. Even Turks weren’t treated fairly. It was a Islamic theocracy not a democracy.

    I’m not implying all Turkish people are bad people. There is a difference between government and individuals. I’ve personally met many nice Turks but its politically polarized country. A lot of Turks are also ultra nationalist religious fanatics. This would include the current government under Erdogen which is Islamofascist oriented (basically Turkish version of Golden Dawn). There is a major difference between principled democratic patriotism and anything goes authoritarian fascism.

  7. 45% of the vote means 55% opposed Syriza. Not quite a “landslide”.

    Furthermore those that voted for Syriza were shown as easily played fools once again. Syriza LIED to them just like Papandreou lied to them. Tspiras promised them to end austarity. Failed to deliver. Humilated himself (and our country) in front of the entire world. Instead of acknowledging an obvious failure he dishonestly spun his obvious dramatic failure as a “winning the battle”!

    Tsipiras is a classic Marxist BS artist. No integrity.

    All a Greek politician needs to do to trick Greek leftists into voting for them is make empty promises for handouts, claim to care about the poor and rant against Illuminati rich scapegoats. Our gullible shameless leftists fall for it every time. Its no wonder Greece is a mess with 45% of our population so utterly incompetent they voted for deluded Marxist nutcases rather than for our businesses.

    Same old. Same old. Claim to want ‘change”.. the rant, strike and riot and rant until we vote in imbeciles who spend us into the ground and destroy competitiveness of our businesses.

  8. Ah… look. Deluded supporter of incompetent Marxist fanatics that lied to Greek electorate has no actual rebuttal so instead makes personal attacks. So original comrade.

    Syriza is still promising to roll back austarity. Perhaps you can find a job in the Marxist propaganda department. They will pay you in more self-righteous hot air speeches.

  9. Nea Demokratia lied to the people, bankrupted the country and corrupted its government, then lied again and sold the country off to the Germans. That’s why so many ND voters voted for Syriza.

  10. Well you’ve answered my original question, Phil. You do prefer Golden Dawn, seeing as you spout the same racist and antisemitic b.s. as they do. Well the Greek people are smarter than that, which is why they elected Syriza.

  11. The Ottoman Empire provided Greece economic, political, and social stability. Your analysis of the Ottoman Empire is completely false. What good did Greece do after Greece’s so called “Greek War of Independence”? I bet that many Greeks would want to go back to the Ottoman Empire. Second it’s funny how you relate Orthodoxy and the Greek people. However, there are also many Greeks that are not Orthodox. Just because some one is Greek doesn’t automatically mean that they are Orthodox.

  12. Tsipras’ defense minister is former ND, as is a deputy minister. Pasok will get no defense from me. They sold their souls to the devils, just like ND. Samaras and ND sold the Greeks down the river, which is why he was crushed in the elections. By the way, Samaras did lie–about economic recovery, about no need for a third loan program (that one was laughable), etc, etc.

  13. No, you just introduced Soros into the discussion completely gratuitously, in the usual antisemitic dog-whistle. And the usual mindless nonsense about Macedonia, etc etc.

  14. “I bet that many Greeks would want to go back to the Ottoman Empire”

    You are a deluded imbecile if you believe such nonsense. Most Greeks have profound disgust for the Ottoman empire. The only Turks Greeks have any respect for are moderate religious or secular modern Turks that don’t promote neo-Ottomanism. (which you obviously are not given you obsessively come here to demonize Greeks and ridiculously try to portray Ottoman Islamfascist tyranny as preferable to democracy)


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