German Chancellor Merkel: We Will Only Approve Greek Deal if Promises Are Met


Athens might have struck a deal with its partners on Friday’s Eurogroup, although the agreed four-month extension of the loan agreement has to now be approved by the Eurozone member states’ national Parliaments. German Chancelor Angela Merkel has warned that Bundestag, the German Parliament, will only approve the agreed deal after Athens presents the list of reforms it proposed.

“The Greeks have to do their homework now. Then, an extension of the aid program can be approved by the German Bundestag,” Volker Kauder the leader of Merkel’s conservatives in parliament stated in an interview with German newspaper Welt am Sonntag. In a different interview published on Saturday he stressed that the Greek government has finally “realized that it cannot turn a blind eye to reality.”

In a similar context, the leader of Germany’s junior coalition partner Social Democratic Party (SDP) Thomas Oppermann characterized Greece’s willingness to proceed with new reforms as a good sign, but underlined “this has to happen now.” On his behalf, Ralph Brinkhaus from Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) agreed that important steps have been taken and warned that the finishing line has not been reached yet. “Greece has lost some trust from its European partners in the last months. The extension of the program by four months has to be used to restore this trust,” he explained. “Without reliable considerations from Athens, the deal is worth nothing,” Hans Michelbach an MP for Christian Social Union in Bavaria (CSU) said.

The above came only a few hours after Germany’s Finance Minister Wolfganag Schaeuble’s statements that “the Greeks will certainly have a difficult time explaining the deal to their voters.”


  1. Aka… a warning to the “Greek” leftist fanatics that voted for incompetent Syriza… if your great communist leader tries to welch on cuts… no EU money for you comrades.

    If Marxist wackjob Tsipiras is crazy enough to start a spreading spree after agreeing to continue austerity (i.e. he lied to the gullible leftist idiots that voted for him), Euros influx will end immediately forcing our government to print drachmas again. Our leftists can then cheer on hyper inflation. Our leftists can then cheer on seizure of any Greek assets abroad when Greece defaults. . Our leftists can cheer on decades of litigation. Our leftists can cheer on the demise of “evil” Greek banks… and any savings Greek families and businesses had in them. . Our treasonous leftists can cheer on the masses of illegals that will continue to flood our country and take away their jobs — and eventually our very country. Our leftists can even cheer on their glorious Marxist leader’s hot air speeches plugging glorious communist achievements….. in perpetual poverty…. just like Cubans and North Koreans.

    Or perhaps some our leftist fanatics might begin to realize their ideological beliefs are idiotic? That they’ve created a fantasy utopian world of words? That their actions are inch by inch destroying Greece? That if we want Greece to continue existing we have to protect our borders? That all austerity represents is balancing our budgets? That if we want to improve Greece it can only come if we support technological growth and our private sector not Marxist fanatics?

    One could only dream…