Greek Authorities Start Evacuating Amygdaleza Migrant Detention Center

migrants-amygdalezaGreek authorities have started evacuating the Amygdaleza migrant detention center last Friday, saying they have released 100 migrants by Tuesday, while 980 remain in the premises.

Deputy Citizen Protection Minister Giannis Panousis had pledged to close down the Amygdaleza facility within 100 days, citing inhumane living conditions, following the suicide of a Pakistani national.

A police official said the plan is to release asylum seekers first, once their files have been studied, and continue with underage migrants and other vulnerable groups, as well as those who have already been detained for six months. The main problem for Greek authorities is to find a suitable open hospitality center to accommodate children and they have been in contact with other bodies to find a solution.

Police also said that those migrants held for criminal offenses or are awaiting deportation will not be released.

(source: ana-mpa)


  1. Virtually everywhere else they arrest and expel illegals. In Greece, our treasonous leftists “welcome” them. Human traffickers love our leftists. Greek leftist rocket scientsts provide a good source of income for them.

  2. Our leftist “patriots’ warmly welcome illegals to Greece. Syriza will improve our economy by creating jobs for human traffickers. Since illegal migrants around the world now know they can get into Europe by sneaking into Greece we can expect ever growing numbers. Our leftist “human rights’ workers will also gladly take away jobs from legal Greek citizens to hire illegals under the table for 3rd world wages.

    Our leftist comrades are “saving” Greece. They “care” about the Greek people.


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