Athens Rioters Burn Car, Set Trashcans on Fire

Rioters_AthensA group of antiestablishment individuals, who had earlier marched in downtown Athens, Greece, were involved in violent incidents around the National Polytechnic University late on Thursday, police said.

Around 300 people, who had rallied in downtown Athens around 6:00 p.m., marched to the Greek Parliament, but some of them damaged the front window of a bank on Stadiou Street and broke two store windows as they were returning through Panepistimiou Street.

Followed by Greek riot police, they marched to the National Polytechnic University and damaged more stores on Stournari Street, adjacent to the academic institution. They also burned a car and set trashcans on fire, which they had used to block the street.

(source: ana-mpa)


  1. Hilarious. This is like Isis fanatics who argue theocratic Kingdom Saudi Arabia aren’t Islamic enough. Leftists now rioting against other leftists for not being leftist enough.


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