German Tabloid ‘Bild’: No Money for the Greedy Greeks


Yet another provocative article turning against Greece was published today by German tabloid Bild, which intensified its anti-Greek campaign ahead of the four-month loan extension agreement voting to take place in the Bundestag (German Federal Parliament) tomorrow. The newspaper urges German citizens and officials to say “Nein” (No) to financial assistance for Athens, as agreed in a Eurogroup teleconference on Tuesday.

Under a bold written “Nein” in white letters and blue background, reminding the Greek flag colors, Germany’s largest circulation newspaper called its readers to give “No money to the greedy Greeks.” In addition, it called Germans to apply the following three steps instead of financing Athens in the Eurozone framework: First, to print the controversial article that says “No money to the greedy Greeks.” Second, to make a photo of their own and attach it to the relevant article. And third, to take a selfie with the controversial article and email it to Bild. Those who respond to the call will also have to enter their name and their cell phone number under the “nein” selfies.

Moreover, the tabloid also hosted German economists’ statements who called the governing coalition of Chancellor Angela Merkel to vote against the Greek loan extension request. Furthermore, as it highlighted, it is not the first but the fifth time that the Greek government is requesting financial support and cited controversial economist Lars Feld who, referring to Athens, has said that “audacity should not be rewarded.” Finally, the newspaper reminded former Greek Prime Ministers Antonis Samaras’ and George Papandreou’s statements that Germany will get all its money back.


Apart from the reactions caused in Greece and other European countries, the provocative article caused the German Journalists Association’s (VDJ) condemnation. Additionally, numerous unnamed internet users have also reacted to the unprovoked anti-Greek campaign.

VDJ stressed that the tabloid’s campaign is beyond any form of civilized debate, even the one expressed by similar type of newspapers, while it underlined that it is turning against an entire nation for the mistakes of its politicians.


  1. Even stupid Germans are no longer willing to pay and get abused, so this one was coming for some time now… Feel free to boycott, buy greek instead

  2. No, we should not boycott German product instead we should thank them for their help. What we should do is to arrest all corrupt politicians who looted this country’s wealth bankrupt its economy and seek justice to the poor Greeks who committed suicide who have been robbed from their rights to live humanly. We should hold those corrupt politicians responsible for their crimes against the country and all Greeks for not upholding the Oath of office to protect this country and its people. We should arrest all corrupt politicians for all financial crimes committed by protecting criminals for their own benefits. We should put our house in order first before we do such a thing as boycotting German products. German citizens did help us, now we should help ourselves by seeking justice for the crimes committed by all previous governments and all corrupt politicians who caused this massive crisis.