Greek Govt Vice President: ‘We Faced Blackmail During Negotiations’

DragasakisGreek government Vice President Yiannis Dragasakis on Saturday offered his insight into the new leftist government’s negotiations and the 11th-hour deal that allowed Athens to request a loan extension.

In his address at a SYRIZA Central Committee meeting, Dragasakis said that the creditors’ goal was to “blackmail” Greece’s new government: “You either agree to sign a new Memorandum or you go bankrupt.”

Nevertheless, he referred to the subsequent extension as a “transitional deal” and compromise. “We managed to gain time. We are not compromising our strategic goals. The major deal is ahead,” he said.


  1. “Dragasakis said that the creditors’ goal was to “blackmail” Greece’s new government”

    Our current government live in an alternate Marxist universe. It was Syriza that was blackmailing the EU by threatening to not pay our bills. This is exactly why the entire EU united against Syriza.

    If a “riend borrowed money directly from the pocket of a Greek leftist and later told them they couldn’t pay back all that loaned money…. Greek leftists would be morally outraged. If that same “friend” then proceeded to say that they needed even more money to spend on “free electricity” on themselves… and that if they didn’t get the money they wouldn’t give any money back… Greek leftists would consider it blackmail.

    If one wants to know who the biggest thieves in Greece are… look no further that Syriza and their self-righteous supporters. They keep claiming they are for “change” and “against corruption” but their ethics amount to mob tactics. (also see their endless riots on Greek streets the last few years)

    Unless we destroy the entitlement mentality mountains of left fanatics promote in Greece… and replace it with a personal responsibility view.., Greece is headed for failed state. Too many leftists shamelessly sticking out their handouts trying to extort money from others (including even EU taxpayers now). Not enough producers and net givers

  2. Little point in wasting time posting here. Greeks do not like hearing the truth that they cannot live within their means & paying back loans as promised.
    My last post was deleted. i wonder how long this one will last before it is censored.