New Democracy Leader: Tsipras Should be Ashamed

samaras“Mr. Tsipras should be ashamed,” stated New Democracy leader and former Prime Minister Antonis Samaras referring to Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ speech to SYRIZA’s Central Committee on Saturday.

“He accuses me for the European People’s Party announcement, the context of which he has co-signed in the last Eurogroup decision,” said Samaras, adding that EPP’s announcement said that Greece had made a huge progress in the last few years and should keep its commitments.

“He [Tsipras] must be in a great despair and fear to refer to such nonsense and create imaginary enemies to justify his own lies and impasses,” underlined Samaras.

The New Democracy leader noted that the “bridge” Tsipras prepares is for the next Memorandum to which he is leading the country and that for this reason, Samaras said, he will be held accountable.

“If he believes that by attacking me and our partners he can become a European politician, he does not have a single idea what is going on. He is hurting not just himself but also the country, which is in Europe and will remain in Europe. Shame!” concluded Samaras.

(source: ana-mpa)


  1. Cue the far leftist trolls that for years self-righteously demonized patriot Samaras for responsibility supporting government cuts… the same far leftist geniuses just voted for an unprincipled Marxist basket case… who just lied to them like Papandreou did with ridiculous claims of “eparxoun lefta”.

    It’s no wonder Greece’s economy is a utter mess with the vast majority of our population on the far left end of political spectrum. Even alleged rightwing nationalist SOCIALIST Golden Dawn are like our leftists. Spend spend spend. Heck even ND was too far to the left prior to Samaras.

    Our leftists never learn. They think they are deep intellects but meanwhile they behave utterly irrationally. They are harming the interests of our country with their anti-business rhetoric while thinking they are “saving” Greece. They’ve created a leftist Disney utopia in their minds. Their fantasy narrative has detached them from the harsh realities of how human beings actually behave.


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