Greek Deputy Health Minister: ‘Each Minister is not Obliged to Talk to the Institutions’

stratoulisThe need to face the humanitarian crisis caused by the Memoranda comes first, before the institutions, noted Greece’s Deputy Health Minister Dimitris Stratoulis speaking to ANT1 TV on Monday referring to the draft laws to be tabled, starting from today, in parliament. Referring to the funding of the humanitarian crisis draft laws, Stratoulis clarified that “they are separate from whatever negotiation we are doing.”

The issue is not whether Greece’s loan partners and the institutions agree with the specific bills but “that SYRIZA and Independent Greeks MPs will vote for them,” he said, expressing also the hope that “New Democracy and Communist Party MPs will also vote for them.” He underlined that there will be no problem with the country’s commitments and that as a Minister he will send “nothing to the institutions since the bills have no fiscal cost.” Stratoulis explained that “each Minister is not obliged to talk to the institutions. There is no Troika anymore and the Finance Minister talks to the institutions.”

The Deputy Health Minister also revealed part of the regulations such as free electricity to up to 300,000 households and clarified that the specific measure will be applied under conditions, saying that the cost will reach 58 million euros, which, as he said, is easy to find. He also referred to a rent subsidy to 30,000 families that will stand at 70 euros per person and 220 euros for four-member families and will be offered to those close or under the poverty line as well as coupons for food to up to 300,000 citizens in cooperation with the local authorities. Stratoulis said that all tax payers are eligible for these measures regardless of their nationality.

Referring to the zero deficit clause, he said that it will be included in one of the next bills, noting that there will not be more cuts in the supplementary pensions.

According to Stratoulis, there will be no additional taxes to cover the latter but those “who have never paid” will pay and referred to the so-called Lagarde and Lichtenstein Lists.

(source: ana-mpa)