Turkey Revises Initial NOTAM After Firm Greek Reaction


Turkey has finally revised its previously issued NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) after the Greek government’s strong reaction, regarding the inclusion of Greek land in military exercises within the Aegean Sea and Greek airspace. On Friday, February 27, Turkey issued a NOTAM requesting to reserve extensive Greek airspace from March 2 to December 31 for military exercises, include firing ammunition over the Aegean Sea, from the Greek island of Lemnos to Skyros within the Athens FIR.

The move was considered a serious provocation by Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras who decided to take the matter to higher authorities. Thus, the Greek Foreign Ministry spokesman noted that Turkey’s provocative move is serious and dangerous. Meanwhile, after Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias described the situation to Tsipras, the Greek government immediately issued a notice to all relevant bodies such as the NATO, the European Union, the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), the United Nations and of course Ankara, requesting the cancellation of the military exercises.

As a result, the Turkish military and political leadership slightly backtracked. In a new NOTAM issued earlier today, the Turkish government revised the previous notice. The new notice (No. 0900/15) replaced the original one (No 0889/15) by excluding lands of the Greek island of Lemnos from the area reserved for military use.


  1. No, Greeks are not paranoid though Turks are provocateurs! By the way the word is paranoid not as you may have been eluding to the French aperitif or whatever you were trying to spell.

  2. Because a significant number of Turks (not all) are Islamofascists ultra nationalists that vote for Islamofascist utlra nationalist Erdogen.

    I am a patriot but not a unprincipled one. I don’t blame Turkey for Greece’s economic problems. This is Greece fault. However I do blame Erdogen for constant violations of Greek waters and for trying to casually ethnically delete Greeks by supporting Skopians.

  3. Ya well it turns out the airspace notice was a mistake and they want to solve this issue through talks… so this is going on for nothing. I dont think erdogan or his admin has done anything personally to take a side or militarily , compared to the military regimes in the past. You cant be an islamofascist and a kemalist at the same time. It doesnt make sense. Every country has their own basket of nutcases regardless of their religion. How do you suggest we tame or get rid of them ?

  4. Erdogen isn’t a kemalist. He’s an Islamofascist.

    The way to get rid of Islamofascists is globally isolate them one by one. Nations that are need to be called out (Turkey, Saudi Arabia, ISIS, etc..). Religion and state should not be mixed. Freedom of religion is important but it has no place in governance. It’s a personal matter not something government officials should attempt to impose on an entire population.

  5. You do not represent nor do your views. Respresent greek people. I have become brothers with the greeks in my community. And thats also false, you grouped kemalists and the conservatives into one group where you claimed both was the problem. At this point you are just back tracking on what you said

  6. Greeks can vote for whoever they want. Last time i checked it was the world who stuck their noses in our domestic affairs

  7. I have a soft spot for human beings, not for fascists. You would be fine if i supported you extremist views

  8. The issue is that for 70-80 the two countries have been under the brink of war and yet you persist on erdogan who has given you christians more rights than these military generals ever have. I have probided examples and you persist to talk about wrsogan. You have an obsession and i wanted to point it out. So that either means you just prefer to be ignorant or it serves your interests to bash the leader of turkey.

  9. “Last time i checked it was the world who stuck their noses in our domestic affairs”

    Ironic you should say that considering you are the one trolling a Greek website not me trolling Turkish ones.

  10. “Cyprus was under Turkish empire more than Greeks were on that island read history,”

    Wft are you taking about? Turks invaded the region millennia after Greeks first colonized Cyprus. The whole Asia Minor side of Turkey used to be Greek. Countless artifacts written in Greek attest to this. Try and remember that the name of Istanbul used to be Constantinople ok?

    The only argument modern Turks have is that most of them aren’t really Turks. They are mostly locals (including of partial Greek ancestry) that were indoctrinated into “Turks” by the assimilating Ottomans. Its a game we all play in the region. Difference is some of us actually know whom we owe the useful parts of our culture to.

  11. “without Turkey that gas goes no where”

    Turkey attack Greece for pumping gas from our own territory?

    Turkey is even more unpopular internationally under Erdogan than Greece (and that’s saying a quite a lot). If Greece started to peacefully pump gas… and Turkey attacked Greece.. I have few doubts many in Israel, Armenia, Egypt, America, Europe, and many many other nations Erdogan has been aliening these last few years… would use it as opportunity to bomb Ankara. (of course not to save Greeks but to protect their own interests)

    Erdogan is neo-Ottoman tough guy with Greece 1/7th its population. Like tough guy Saddam, he wouldn’t be so tough with cruise missiles leveling his palace to smithereens.

    I can only dream Erdogan would attack Greece for pumping gas from it own territory. It would be the final mistake of Islamofascist Erdogan’s regime. Of course Erdogan would never do it. He’s a classic bully. He’ll only use force against much smaller enemies. if he knows the country he attacks can fight back… coward.

    One thing I admire about most Jews, they don’t care how big or small their enemy. Like Leonidas they face the hoards head on. Brave and principled. Honorable. This is unlike terrorist Islamofascists and even rioting far leftist thugs that only become “brave” when surrounded by similarly minded thugs.


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