New Greek Poll: SYRIZA 41.3%, New Democracy 19.2%

poll3According to the latest post-election poll with 1,009 respondents, conducted on behalf of, leftist SYRIZA remains in the lead with a 22.1 percentage point difference over center-right New Democracy.

Asked “what party would you vote for if elections were to take place next Sunday?” 41.3% of respondents replied SYRIZA and 19.2% New Democracy.

A tie between centrist “To Potami” and the Independent Greeks (ANEL) is recorded, as both garner 5.4%; the Greek Communist Party (KKE) is at 5.3%, Golden Dawn at 5.1% and socialist PASOK at just 2.9%.

“Undecided” respondents reached 10.6%.

Asked about the Greece’s future, 43.3% of respondents appeared quite pessimistic.

Specifically, after the final negotiations and a four-month extension deal, 43.3% of those polled view the situation as getting worse, with only 15.9% of respondents saying they were optimistic about the country’s future. At the same time, 39.1% of respondents said things are “neither good nor bad.”


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