Extreme Right Golden Dawners Sentenced Over Attack Against ANTARSYA Member

golden_dawn3Two extreme right Golden Dawn party supporters were found guilty of bodily harm today by a court in Serres, northern Greece. The two xenophobic party supporters were tried for an attack against a leftist ANTARSYA supporter they carried out in October 2012. Both defendants received a 12-month imprisonment sentence with a 3-year suspension.

One of the defendants sentenced today was former Serres Golden Dawn MP Nikitas Siois. According to the case charges, the victim had been attacked by a group of Golden Dawners who caused him serious head injuries, while he had also been pepper sprayed by the group.

It should be noted that the Athens Council of Appeals decided, with votes 2-1, that Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michaloliakos and the party’s whole parliamentary group holding seats in Greece’s previous Parliament will stand trial, along with 54 other defendants, for forming and running a criminal organization, an offense that carries a 20-year prison sentence.

Although, the party leader and senior MPs Christos Pappas and Giannis Lagos will be released from custody on March 27, ahead of their trial tentatively scheduled for April, as the maximum 18-month period in pre-trial custody expires. A specific date for the trial has not yet been set but, according to judicial sources, it will take place after the April 12 Greek Orthodox Easter. Michaloliakos and Pappas will remain under house arrest as they face additional charges of gun possession.


  1. GD are extreme but so are far left ANTARSYA. GD are extreme nationalists that are racist towards foreigners. Antarsya are extreme anti-nationalists to the point they are effectively racist towards Greeks.

    Both are fanatics that have lost complete touch with moderation.

  2. It is common knowledge that many Leftist Anarchists have links with or are members of Antarsya. Let us never forget the tragedy that occured in 2010 when Leftist Anarchists set the Athens Marfin bank branch alight and then actively prevented the bank employees from escaping resulting in the deaths of 3 bank clerks including pregnant 32 year old bank employee Angeliki Papathanasopoulou. ANTARSYA is based on local assemblies of militants at city or neighbourhood-level with a central coordination committee in Athens. There are also periodically national assemblies of ANTARSYA.

  3. A judge named Nikos Salatas who was 1 of the 3 judges tasked with deciding whether or not Golden Dawn should go to trial on charges of being a criminal organization, voted against proceeding to trial on the basis that the evidence presented by the prosecution did not meet the criteria for classifying a group as a criminal organization as specified by the treaty of Palermo which Greece has ratified, given that Golden Dawns finances were investigated by SDOE and found to be clean, and since no weapons cache was ever found in GD’s possession.


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